Supplement Review – Myofusion Whey Protein

Supplement Review – Myofusion Whey Protein

This week I chose to review my current favorite protein powder – Myofusion from Gaspari Nutrition.

I can’t say enough about this protein!  It is just plain awesome!  I have used many proteins since I opened Heavyweights and I have to say that this is one of, if not THE BEST tasting & mixing proteins I have ever used!


  • Amazing Taste!!  The Chocoalte is just like Nestle Quick!  AMAZING
  • Easily mixes.  Little to no clumps at all
  • Great protein Source ( Whey Concentrate, Whey Isolate,Milk & Egg Protein)
  • 25 g Protein, 5g Carbohydrates, 3g Fat, 2g Sugar
  • Aspartame Free!!

I get asked ALL the time “Whats the best protein?”.  Well there is no “Best” protein.  My advice is to have a good FOOD PROTEIN BASE, then add 2-3 scoops of any good quality, good brand whey protein!  I don’t recommend over priced isolates.

Use a good whey protein and If you can some BCAA (Xtend or Chain’d Out) and you will get all the protein you need!

For this week (March 12-19) we are offering Myofusion On SALE For $59.99!!!

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  • Chris

    I’ve been using it now for about 4-5 months, I couldn’t agree more with you Rob great taste and mixes great, I’m after growing a lot since i started using Myofusion… I will continue to use it. In my opinion its definitely the best protein on the market. Anyone who hasn’t tried it should, and they will feel the same way.

  • Mitchell

    Using this protein now. Have to say it’s my favorite protein i’ve ever tried. Have only tried the chocolate flavor and it tasts amazing, mixes really well. Usually puts two scoops in a shaker without any clumping with water or milk. Cheaper than other proteins too!

  • Mark

    Everyone has to try the banana. Best flavor ever!


  • Kevin

    I haven’t tried many brands of protien (only 5). But, with that said, none that I have tried even compare to Myofusion. The taste is amazing and the price is fair. I have tried more expensive brands and the taste and mixability just aren’t up to par in my opinion!

  • Rob King

    Thanks for the feedback Kevin. I LOVE Myofusion it is amazing!

  • spencer martens

    A friend told me to get it, I use it I love it! The milk chocolate tastes like a fricken brownie ^^.

  • Rob King

    Awesome! Agreed it is damn tasty!

  • Matt C.

    Agree 100% this protein is absolutly amazing. Its like a specail sweet treat when you drink it. However I’ve used all of Gaspari’s products and love them all

  • Rob King

    Thanks for the feedback Matt C.

  • Ryan

    just wondering, i have tried a number of different brands and i have noticed alot of chocolate has a real bad “proteinie” taste to it which i hate.. just wondering if myofusion is any different. i don’t mind a little but some brands are just nasty,lol

  • Rob King

    Hey Ryan

    Honestly man it tastes like drinking Nestle Quick lol. it’s really a solid tasty product.

  • MIKE

    GOING OUT TO GET IT TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jose

    Hey Rob thanks on all the advise and tips on the supplements. Will try Myofusion next as soon as im done with the protein supp. im on now. And ive seen that the Gaspari products have had a great feedback from lots of people. Then again thanks and i will keep you posted on how im doing on it.

  • Rob King

    Hey Jose

    Keep me posted, i love it.

  • josh callanan

    i haven’t tried myofusion… i think i will now that u recommend it…

  • Rob King

    Hey Josh

    give me your feedback when you do ok

  • john burgess

    I luv myofusion, it tastes great and is pretty cheap compared with other proteins. I also use syntha-6, that tastes amazing and i feel i get the best results from these two products.

  • oz

    hey rob,

    i have benn a keen body builder ofr seven years now i have only competed twice but am keen to compete again next year im currently serving with the aussie infantry in afghanistan i got some myofusion sent over here a few weekd back and it is definently the best protien i have ever tried im using the banana flavour it tastes great and as you said has no lumps in it and mixes easily. great product

  • Joshua Tate

    Hey Rob and everyone,
    What are your thoughts on nitro-tech or monster milk? i think they both taste great…any opinions or advice?

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