Sports Supplement Guide V1.0

Sports Supplement Guide V1.0


This has been months of work for me and I wanted it to be as professional as possible. I never realized that giving away something fro FREE would be so much work.

I hope you benefit from this, I created it as a learning tool to teach YOU more about Sports Supplements. What to look for, what is important vs. what most big box stores try to sell you.

Please feel free to post your feedback as I value hearing from you and HELPING YOU Anyway I can.

Thanks for your continued support.

PS If you don’t have a copy get it FREE at

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  • Andrew Kirby

    Rob your supplement guide is top notch well done keep up all the hard work!

  • Rob King

    Awesome dude glad you like it!

  • Christa

    Great book Rob! It is obvious you put alot of time into it. Congrats on a job well done

  • Roger

    Great guide Rob! One quick qustion i’m using xtend excellent product, but when is the best time to take it for best results? Once again congrats on a great guide.

  • Rob King

    Anywhere around workout time. Ideally Pre/During/Post. so 3 servings, or take it druing, thats when i usually do it

    but pre/during/post is ideal

  • Rob King

    Thanks Big time 🙂

  • Jeremy

    Overall I’m quite pleased with the book. I’m someone who didn’t have much knowledge of supplements so this was very useful to me. I’ve read everything up until the Bench Press Bonus so far. I have yet to read the part after the bonus but quickly looked through it and it seems like a very nice resource to have. And the fact that you can get a free copy really shows that your here to help and not to just make money (which is always comforting to know).

    I definitely have a great guide to go by if I start to use supplements (which will probably happen as soon as I can get my lazy ass back into gear and start eating right). Thanks Rob, I’m sure everyone will love this book!

  • Rob King

    Thanks Jeremy.

    It isnt meant to be advanced in any way. Its a intro book, I plan to expand more in the future but this covers a LOT of the basics.

  • Keith

    This book is awesome and not only is it a great roadmap for how to properly use supplements but also shows how much you value your customers. I look forward to reading any future editions.

  • Rob King

    Thanks Keith, really appreciate it