St. John's and Corner Brook Unhealthy Citites

St. John's and Corner Brook Unhealthy Citites

I found this rather interesting.  Even with all the gyms and fitness centers in St. John’s we still have a long way to go.

A new report ranks two of our own, as among the unhealthiest of cities in Canada. The report card compiled by Best Health, graded cities across the country on five aspects of healthy living that Canadians have the greatest power to change and control regarding their own health. Two provincial cities: Corner Brook and St John’s were included in the report. However, the cities received failing grades because of their high rates of overweight and obese residents, low consumption of fruits and vegetables, low amounts of leisure time spent in activities, and increased rates in high blood pressure levels. The study also found that Newfoundlander’s topped the charts when it came to how residents deal with stress. Corner Brook and St. John’s ranked first and second place, respectively, when it came to residents dealing with stress in a healthy way, with only 10 per cent of the population reporting that they felt high amounts of stress in their daily activities.)

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