Stuck In A Rut!

Stuck In A Rut!

Being stuck in a Rut SUCKS!

We have all been there, it’s a part of training, but it sucks none the less!  Getting stuck in a rut SUCKS!

I tore my bicep about 3 weeks ago (Fluke accident during boxing/sparring) and ever since I just can’t seem to get back on track.  I find reasons to avoid the gym (and they aren’t reasons they are excuses lol).  So I am digging deep and trying to find the reasoning or motivation to at least get my butt into the gym!!

I feel that some of the reason I can’t get motivated is knowing that my training will be very limited due to my bicep rupture (I need 6-8 weeks of VERY light training to let it recover).  I can’t do much boxing or jiu jitsu, which sucks as I really enjoy those workouts.  However I could/should be hitting the gym and hitting stretching, legs, cardio etc.

I know what I SHOULD be doing, but doing that is a different story!

In the past I have always found that setting short term goals, or writing goals on paper is a great way to get motivated.  So today I am writing some goals for November.  They are

–          Get down to 185.  Currently 192 (7lbs seems like a lot but there is a lot of Halloween choc there that has to go ASAP Lol)

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–          Hit the treadmill 5 days a week for 20 min interval sessions

–          Cut out all junk except for Friday Night (damn Halloween candies got me ruined lol)

–          Try to hit some yoga or stretching daily.

Pretty basic simple goals, but it’s better than nothing!

I would love to hear from people here how they have gotten out of a rut or any current goals people have.  Please post em up!

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  • Henry Hussey

    I feel your pain Rob, with this hand injury I cant do many of the exercises I have been enjoying at the gym lately. I find rather than go light and take it easy i’m completely avoiding the muscle groups… Which ill kick myself in the ass for later.

    Get to 165 lbs. (Currently 175… Was 194)
    Dead lift: 315 (Currently 285)
    Get this hand healed as fast as possible…
    Get more good sleep.

  • Jonathon Lilly

    I feel the same way right now Rob. I injured my back at work 2 weeks ago & had to cut out Kickboxing & heavy workouts. I’m finding it hard to get motivated but worse is I’m find it hard to do exercises & stretches that won’t hurt my back even more.

    Get to 205lbs (Currently 220…was 255)
    Exercise at least 45mins-1Hour everyday
    Get by back healed so I can go back to Kickboxing (I really miss going)