Sunday July 12

Sunday July 12

Yesterday we had The Foley Brother’s Challenge Gi & No GI tournament. Was a pretty good day rolling over all. Had some good matches with the republic jiu jitsu guys. Only 3 guys from our club competed (Damien, Kevin Mullins & myself). Summer is a hard time to be focused on training.

I felt pretty good rolling. The gi stuff tired me out but i havent worn a gi in months as all our training has been no gi. Overall i felt good, was tired last night, but back to hard training today.

On a different topic UFC 100 was pretty damn awesome! GSP is a crazy athlete, he didnt even let Thiago in the fight. Kept his range with punches and kicks and everything Thiago came forward GSP took him down.

On the same note Lesnar looked like a monster. He seemed unstoppable. He was very patient and showed his improvement in the ring. He will be a handful for anyone. Now if only the UFC can sign Fedor!


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