Warrior Built 2.0 Week 1 Review

Warrior Built 2.0 Week 1 Review

My Physique goal

My Physique Goal

So week 1 is in the books!

I will be doing a weekly update every Saturday about the program, my progress, my training, and what I am doing to maximize my fat loss!  Hopefully as I explain what I am doing you will learn from this!  Also by writing this down it causes me to be strict and really be on target with this!

Last week I weighed on Andy’s scales 197 (they are heavy scales I am sure lol), today I weighed in at 192.

That’s 5lbs lost in 1 week and I am very happy with that!

Keep in mind it is NOT 5lbs of FAT LOSS In one week as this is virtually impossible to do!

However my guess is that its about 2lbs of fat (which is great), and 3 lbs of glycogen & water.

Here’s the deal.  Usually for every 1lb of fat you lose you will lose 2-3 lbs of “other” weight.  This is not a science but it is how it works.  Basically your body holds a LOT of water and stored glycogen (pretty much stored carbohydrates in the muscles).  So when you lose weight you lose water and glycogen.

This is how someone can lose 7-10 lbs sometimes in a week on an atkins type low carbohydrate diet.  The big thing to always remember is that it isn’t all fat loss!  But in the big picture it adds up!

My training this week has been excellent.  Got in a lot of good classes at Bushido, the nights I couldn’t make class i did Warrior Built DVD at home.  I also hit in some extra light 30-45 min easy pace cardio sessions as i do enough HIT type cardio already.

My Nutrition (notice i will not use the word DIET), has been really sound all week and after the first 2 days virtually all cravings are gone!! Which is great!  My energy has been improved, concentration has improved, and overall just feel much better with the diet being really clean!

Even though I own Heavyweights I am not loading up on a ton of supplements.  Here is what I am using

  • Myofusion
  • NutraSea Fish Oil (And lots of it..bumping it to 20g a day soon)
  • Opti Men Multi Vitamin
  • Greens & Phytoberry
  • Xtend (Can’t diet without Xtend)
  • Jack3d (Amazing Pre Workout)

The biggest issue for me is usually late night eating.  I am a night person and love to eat!  However my nights have been reduced to the following

  • Protein Pudding
  • Jello (Fat free) with some low cal whip cream
  • Steak/chicken with veggies
  • Cottage Cheese (low fat), with some protein powder and a bit of yougurt (sounds nasty but tastes pretty good).

I am not a great cook so I will have to start getting more creative lol.

Overall the workouts are awesome, i feel great, I am Motivated like crazy to make some solid changes in the next 5 weeks!

We have a great group of people doing this and there is a real team effort.  It makes it a lot easier to stick to it knowing there are others doing this with me! Always get a partner or group to help with YOUR GOALS!

My goal for next Saturday is to be under 190 lb (Drop 2 lb).  Ifi can drop 2lb a week the next 5lb weeks I get to 180 lb which is my goal.

I have posted a older picture when I competed at a bodybuilding show and a picture of one of my idol’s Sean Sherk as both motivation and to have a TARGET for my Goal!  Without a goal or a set target you can’t move forward with the same intensity!

I would LOVE for anyone to post questions, feedback or anything here!  If you have fat loss questions, training, whatever they are post em here and I will do my best to help!!!

Keep an eye out Tuesday for a review of my favorite pre workout supplement JACK3d!

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  • Carrie Hayward

    Hey Rob,

    Love your advise and tips on nutrition. I am trying to tone my last five pounds. Can you give me some advise. I’m 5’2 105 pounds and I do interval training 3-4 days a week, including weights 3 times a week. I have cut junk out of my diet and now I eat mostly chicken, potatoes (baked) eggs, brown bread, tuna, fruit…
    I am planning on coming in for a workout at your gym also.



  • Violet Quilty

    You ROCK!!!!!!:)

  • Rob,
    awesome to hear!
    i really was/am interested in the warrior built program to supplement the dojo-training i’m currently not (sadly) getting – but continuing in-home.

    really seemed like a great program when i was talking to Andrew about it.
    i’m also happy you decided to post your current supplements lineup.
    always had an interest in supplements but it’s hard to find a good source these days (in the past my wife and i have been suggested everything, and tried everything. the majority of it is crap — when you don’t know what to look for –)

    anyway thanks for the post. this is cool to read!


    Hey Rob I am currently trying to just loose weight, my one hour work out is 40min cardio and 20min of weight training.
    Should I do anything different in regards to the ratio?


  • Rob King

    Hey Jamie

    Why so much cardio and so little weights?

    Change that. 30 Min cardio and 30 min weights.

    Make your weight training circuit or complex based. IE Not more reps per say, but a faster pace. I always found it best to superset legs with upper body for fat loss. IE Quads with Chest. Do 1 set of squats, rest 30 seconds, do a set of bench, repeat. 12-16 sets like that (mix the exercises) and your weight training workout will become far more productive for fat loss.

    Hope this helps, always remember NUTRITION is the most important thing for fat loss.

  • Rob King

    Thanks for the kind words Matt! Means a lot and Ill do my best to keep updating with tons of quality info! All the best!

  • Rob King

    Biggest factor always for fat loss is Nutrition! I have some cool posts about this coming up in the near future. But biggest factor is usually people eating way too many carbohydrates and not enough lean protein and essential fats.

  • Great job Rob! great post too1 keep up the good work… if I can help in any way with nutrition or recipes just let me know…

    Keep it up big guy!

  • Michael

    Hey, Rob I try to work out around 4-5 days a week with 30 minutes of cardio and around 20 minutes of weights and i try to switch it up a little every 2 days by doing a quick 15 minute cardio work out before hitting the weights for about 30-35 minutes. I am 5 foot 8 inches tall and last week i weighed in at the RNC physical fitness test at 161 pounds. Do you have any helpful advice that could help me in my workout routine if i am hoping to enter the police force? I finished the PARE test in about 4:15 and when the program is over you need to finish in under 4 minutes.

  • Rob King

    I can try but something the scope of a program for the PARE test will take a bit more time (its actually a great article/blog post).

    Here is the deal, IF your test takes aprox 5 min why are you doing 20-30 min cardio sessions? Think about it. For general cardio its good, but for the test you want to be in REALLY good ANAEROBIC CARDIO. Your in sprint mode for 5 minutes, your not running a long distace race!

    Set up your weights and your cardio to mimick the test! Run at high intensity intervals (Check something called TABATA ill post on it down the road), and have your weights be circuits with very little to no rest.

    Keep in mind this ISN’T to get stronger, its to improve your cardio output!

    Ill do a blog post on this, it’s a great topic!