I Don’t Have A Sled, What Should I Do?

I Don’t Have A Sled, What Should I Do?

I hear this all the time on my Facebook Page and in my HeavyWeights Nation Facebook Group.

“Hey Rob, I don’t have a sled, what exercise can I do to replace it”.

Using a sled is a key part of what we do at HeavyWeights for conditioning, fat loss and mental toughness.  Bottom line the sled is simple but effective and one of the best training tools there is.

But if you don’t have a sled here are 5 options for you to use.


Here Are 5 Recommendations When You Don’t Have Access To A Sled


1. Hill Sprints

Find a hill, run up it.  Walk or jog lightly back down, run back up the hill.  Repeat 10-15 times and you are done.


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2. Run Stairs

Stairs are everywhere so you have no excuse on this one.  Find a set of stairs, run up them.  Run back down, rest and repeat.  10-15 minutes of actual running stairs is brutal and plenty.  Hit it hard and don’t over due it.  This is not a 1 hour stair master workout watching TV.  Go hard, get it done then rest.


3. Stairs With Weights

This is a kiler.  Find a set of stairs.  Grab a sandbag, kettlebell, dumbells or bar.  Grab the weight, walk up the stairs.  Repeat as needed.  Warning this is BRUTAL and much harder than it looks.


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4. Weighted Carries

This is simple yet effective for fat loss, strength, mental conditioning and more.

Grab a dumbell, kettlebell, farmers handle, or whatever you can use and set up some challenges.  Carry for time, carry for distance, carry to beat your training partner, there is no right or wrong here.  Grab some weight, start carrying and get to work.  The variations are endless.


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5. Combine Any Of The Above

Now you can have some fun and challenge yourself.  Find a hill or a set of stairs, run up then walk backHeavyweightsSledFinishers_30sled_iPad down.  Then grab a set of kettlebells, back back to the top and walk back down.  You will get a intense mix of strength, conditioning, fat loss and mental toughness as if you had a sled (and maybe even worse).  Get creative, challenge yourself and have some fun.


If you really want to use a sled check out my blog post on Sled Training With No Sled some options on how you can get creative and create a sled.


As well if you want to Raise The Bar on your training check out my Sled Finishers Workout in the vault at the HW Nation.

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