Tip : Hold Your Last Rep On Deadlifts For 5-10 Seconds

Tip : Hold Your Last Rep On Deadlifts For 5-10 Seconds

Often times when it comes to deadlifts grip strength, or lack of  grip strength is a limiting factor of strength.  The stronger your grip, usually the stronger your deadlift.  This grip strength also has a strong carry over to strength in general, so a stronger grip is always beneficial.

A simple and effective way to train your grip is on your last working set of deadlifts to hold the last rep for 5-10 seconds.  This is a very effective way to improve your deadlift grip and also to build mental toughness. 
Doing this on the last rep of your last set of deadlifts also means it won’t mess with your next few sets on deadlifts.  If you did something like this on your first set your hands would take a beating impacting your upcoming sets and reps.



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By doing this on your last set and last rep it’s an easy way to improve your grip and to leave it all there on your last rep.

You can’t go wrong with a stronger grip, add this at the end of your deadlift workouts to improve grip strength, forearm strength and mental toughness.


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