Tip : Use Band Over Loading On Bench To Improve Strength

Tip : Use Band Over Loading On Bench To Improve Strength

One of the most effective ways to get stronger and handle heavy weights is by using overloading.

There are many ways to overload with weight training but one of the simplest and most effective are by using band overloads.

With band overloading you can over range a certain range of motion by using bands.

For this bench press variation the bands will help you get the bar off the chest and also improve and overload your lock out strength.


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A few important notes

– Train Smart.  Have a spotter on this exercise.

– You can use more weight than you normally handle but don’t over due it and go crazy.  Always respect the weight.

– Learn to keep the upper back pinched and tight.  You don’t want your shoulders taking a beating on this exercise.

– Try different band strengths and variations to find what feels good for you.

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