Training For Warriors Summit 2014

Training For Warriors Summit 2014

Training For Warriors Summit 2014

The theme for the Training For Warriors 2014 Summit was “Rise Above The Rest”, and this years TFW Summit delivered exactly as promised.

The two day event was jam packed with amazing content, passionate and intelligent presentations, networking and relationship building along with some amazing moments that will never be forgotten.

It was an incredible weekend.

There were too many amazing moments to mention but here are my top 5.


1. Gerry Sullivan Winning Training For Warriors Affiliate Of The Year

If you don’t know Gerry’s story take a second, take a deep breath and hold on.

Gerry Sullivan was awarded the first ever affiliate award at the TFW Celebrations dinner.

What makes this so amazing is that Gerry Sullivan was not suppose to be there to recieve this award.

Gerry was given notice by his doctor that he has cancer and would have a battle ahead of him. He never expected to be well enough to continue doing TFW.

We had Gerry shared this story and told us how right when he heard the news from his doctors he made some big decisions to not give up.

Over a year past his this original diagnosis Gerry has overcome, presenting at countless seminars, spreading the power of choice, positivity and the beliefs of Training For Warriors.

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It was great to see Gerry share his story of not giving up, of overcoming and pushing forward.

Congrats Gerry, you are an inspiration to many, including me.



2. Presenting at the Training For Warriors Summit

Last year at the 2013 Training For Warriors Summit Martin Rooney asked me to present which was amazing.

I was pumped when he asked me to come back and present this year.

I shared with the over 125 TFW affiliates from all over the world 3 big things that have made a big difference in my business.

In my presentation I went over the following big 3 that have made a difference in my fitness business.

1. Personal Training vs. Coaching

2. Body Transformations

3. Marketing Your Fitness Business

Overall I loved presenting and I am sure what I shared will help the TFW Familia to help their students and Grow Their Fitness Business.




3. Deadlifts with Rich Sadiv

I have been following Rich Sadiv on Facebook for a long time now. Martin has told me stories of their epic deaift sessions and his name has always come up around the TFW Familia.

It was an honor to finally meet him in person.

At the party Saturday night Rich invited me to a 7 AM deadlift workout. For those that don’t know me I hate mornings. However this was something I couldn’t miss.

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So I stopped drinking, called it a night and headed back to my hotel to rest up for the 7 AM Deadlift session ahead.

We all met at Champions bright and early at 7AM and in the words of my favorite villain Bane “Let The Games Begin”.

This workout will go down as one of the best workouts of my life.

Rich pulled 500 lbs. for an easy 5 reps, even cooler he called a rep for each of us.

The HumanCrane is a deadlift monster.

My friend Stan Dutton a d I both pulled500 lbs each, it was a great way to start the day.

We finished up with a group Sadiv Sets.
10 reps at 405 lbs.
10 reps at 315 lbs.
10 reps at 275 lbs.
Alli n under 8 minutes!!

Thank you Rich Sadiv it was an honor.,  and thank you Stan from TFW Boston for the push.





4. Meeting Jeffrey Gitomer

Jeffrey was a surprise guest at the Training For Warriors Summit and it was an experience to meet him and hear him speak.

Jeffrey Gitomer is a best selling author, Hall Of Fame Presenter and has the top selling sales book of all time.

He is a wealth of knowledge and a game changer for business and personal development.



5. Hanging With Martin Rooney

A few years ago I attended a 1 Day Perform Better Event in Seattle.

At this event I met a man that would change my business, training and my life.

That Man Was Martin Rooney.

Over the last few years Martin and I have become good friends and after the event was over it was great to spend Monday hanging out with Martin, Tom Robertson & Toby.

Reflecting on the amazing weekend that was the 2014 Training For Warriors Summit.

I can’t wait until next year to do it a again.

Thank you Martin Rooney, Amanda Rooney and everyone from the TFW Familia.


For more information on Training For Warriors check out Training For Warriors Certification Go HERE and for more info on Martin Rooney’s DOJO go HERE.

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