Perform Better New Jersey 2011

Perform Better New Jersey 2011

What do you get when you get a room full of 400 trainers & fitness enthusiasts, 4 of the worlds top Strength & Conditioning Coaches & a bunch of cool fitness equipment?

You get a whole lotta Awesomeness that’s what, and that is exactly what Perform Better in New Jersey was all about.

I am just finishing up a amazing day that started at 8 am and after eating a ton of food and foam rolling out some sore hips & legs I figured it would be a good time to recap and share the awesomeness of the Perform Better Seminar in New Jersey.

However before we get to that I had to show you something really cool that.  What’s the chances of a huge Batman Fan ending up like 5 minutes away from a restaurant called “Gotham City Diner”.  Well those chances were pretty damn good.

Gotham City Diner was surreal.  Take a 1950’s Gotham Feel, add in a Diner, add in one of THE BEST Burgers I have ever had, and you have Gotham City Diner.


The Perform Better Seminar was pretty amazing.

It started with 4 hours of lectures from Top Trainers Martin Rooney, Mike Boyle, Gray Cook & Mike Boyle.

If you don’t know who these guys are you should.

First up at 8am was Martin Rooney.

Martin Rooney’s presentation was educational & intense.  He went over the facts about “Metabolic Training” and the history of Fitness.  Starting back to Kenneth Coopers Aerobics and working up until present day.  Martin always has a way of making you THINK and ANALYZE and question WHY we think the way we do.

Which is why Martin is an amazing Coach & in my opinion a Fitness Philosopher.

For example, let me ask you a question.

What is aerobics?

Give that some SERIOUS thought and leave me a comment below, the real answer may surprise you.

Martin then covered everything that made a intelligent Metabolic Circuit and the benefits of a Metabolic Circuit which are

1. Improved Fat Loss

2. Improved Muscle Gain

3. Improved Cardiac Capacity

This alone will be a future blog post & video series from me.

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Martin Rooney, as always, delivered a ton of quality information that will educate you, as well he makes you THINK & Question.  Which is needed in our Fitness Industry.

Next up was Mike Boyle.

It was my first time at a presentation by Mike Boyle and he was even better than I thought he would be.

His combination of blunt truth coupled with humor made for an amazing hour of education and entertainment.  Mike is definatly a very much “Call it like he see’s it” type of guy which I loved.  He even stated that about 10% of people would more than likely hate him after his presentations, which he seemed very ok with.

Mike broke down numerous areas and combined it with Fitness.

– The Learning Process from John Maxwell  (Check the book Self Improvement 101)

– Computer Man (A problem getting worse every day in society)

– The Three Stages Of Truth

– And he also had some positive things to say about Crossfit (not).

Overall Mike’s presentation was fantastic.

Next up was Gray Cook.

Now I have to admit, I wasn’t a huge Grey Cook follower before this.  I just couldn’t get too deep into FMS (Functional Movement Screen), and deep anatomy & Bio-mechanics.

However, after listening and TRAINING under him today I am now a beleiver.  It is my goal to do his FMS in 2012, so keep an eye out for it.

Gray went into detail on Mobility, Motor Control & Movement.

The whole presentation I was leaning forward in my chair, my jaw dropping, and my facial expression saying WHOA.

Gray covered what is Function, What is Dysfunction, and as well he got into the lack of SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) in Fitness & Dysfunction.  Really deep and heavy stuff.  Grey talked like it was grade 3 information for him.  The guy is a genius in this area.

Last up was Todd Durkin.

I have trained under Todd before so I knew what to expect, but he out did himself and delivered an amazing presentation on “The Core & Cuff”.

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Covering in detail Core & Rotator Cuff training.  I learned a TON from this, and the videos and clips he was showing literally blew my mind.  I have learned so much just from his 1 hour presentation that I can’t wait to revamp my core training and my posterior upper body training.

He showed us a variety of training clips he has his top NFL & Baseball athletes doing and it was amazing.  It was easy to see why he has coached two Super Bowl Quarterbacks, the guy knows his sh*t!

After the 4 hours of lectures came 4 hours of intense training.

First up was Gray Cook.

Gray divided us into Movement issues & Mobility Issues.

Danielle got some amazing videos so check em out below.

The difference in how much better my back & hips/hamstrings felt in just a few minutes with Grey Cook was AMAZING.

I have a herniated disc in my lower back and some serious hip/hanstring issues that really bother me, he picked up on them fast and made me work like crazy just in stretching and relaxing in a stretch position.

It’s not every day you get to train with some of the best coaches in the world, and it’s even better when you get to train and learn from 4 of them.

Next up in training was Todd Durkin and his focus on Core & Cuff.

Todd had us using Resistance Bands, Swiss Balls, TRX Rip Trainer, Kettlebells & Slideboard.

I will be sore in places I never knew I had tomorrow.

Todd showed us a ton of cool exercises hitting our core & cuff done in a fast paced environment.  I learned a ton from this and I can’t wait to add some of these exercises to my training and for my clients at Heavyweights Training Center.

After Todd Durkin was Martin Rooney.

I have trained with Martin at Perform Better in Seattle and as well I am certified under him for his “Training For Warriors” certification so I knew what I was getting with Martin.

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Martin never has a B day, it’s always an A day when you train with Martin Rooney.

Martin took us through an  intense Metabolic Circuit consisting of Battling Ropes, Kettlebell swings, Agility Ladder & SandBag work.

Doing Metabolic Circuits with Martin Rooney my heart was beating out of my chest, sweat was pouring down my bald head, and the whole time I can hear Martin coaching and motivating us to bring out our best.

Needless to say I loved every minute of it.

As always Martin I thank you.

Last up was Mike Boyle.

Mike took us through a sample workout he does with a lot of his clients.  He incorporates a Push Day, Pull Day, Leg Day & Core day.

He went through Push Ups, Single Leg Squats, Swiss Ball Roll Outs, TRX Row variations, side plank rows, Val Slides & more.

After a nice 4 hour butt kicking it was time to call it a day.

Before I go I head over to the Perform Better booth and dropped a couple of hundred dollars in Fitness Education Books & DVD’s. I ALWAYS INVEST IN MYSELF and my education.  I NEVER consider money spent on this, I consider it my education.

Along with improving my education I met up with some awesome people along the way.

Valerie Walters (Celebrity Trainer to the Stars & Creator of The Valslide), Jon Goodman (from The Personal Trainer Development Center) and 2 other cool dudes Harold Gibbons & Eddie Fantastic.

Overall it was an amazing day and I won’t be missing any Perform Better events in 2012.

For more pics and videos add me on my Facebook.

Feel free to leave me a comment or questions below, I would love to hear from you.

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  • Jonathan Goodman

    Great time chilling with you Rob. I’m going to do up a blog post on the event too but you beat me to it. Nice recap of an amazing event.