Poliquin Bio-Signature 2012 Las Vegas

Poliquin Bio-Signature 2012 Las Vegas

You know the phrase “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”?  Well I am going to break that rule, and share with you some of the top tips I learned from attending the Charles Poliquin Bio-Signature Conference in Las Vegas.

OK, so this is not really exciting when it comes to all the ‘badness’ in Vegas, but hey, I am a fitness nerd. 🙂

This was the first Bio-Signature Convention and Charles brought in a wide variety of speakers on a different topics.

It was a fantastic weekend.

I learned a ton of new information I can use in my life, with my clients and in my business.

I wanted to share with you 10 tips from each expert so that I can share the information I found helpful with you.

Rob’s Top 10 From Charles Poliquin Bio-Signature Conference 2012 Las Vegas

Michael Port – Book Yourself Solid

Michael Port & Rob King

I did a full write-up on my Rob King Business blog on Michael Port you can check it out HERE

Jeanette Bessinger – Clean Food Prep

– Even though there is more food around us we are eating less good healthy foods.

– Most people are as confused by proper nutrition as they are doing their taxes

– Most people chose food for these reasons (in order)
1. Taste
2. Money (cost)
3. Health

– 3 P’s of food prep
1. Planning
2. Purchasing
3. Preparation

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– Invest in an industrial freezer

– Uncooked food generally burns more calories (ie Raw Broccoli vs. Cooked Brocolli)

– Invest in quality knives (German)

– Invest in a Nutri-Bullett

– Use a bamboo cooking board

– Use Jicama or Cauliflower instead of Rice

Deanna Minich – Food For The Soul

Deanna Minich & Rob King

– Always acknowledge your teachers

– “The Whiter The Bread, The Quicker You’re Dead.”

– Nature & your body are very web-like

– Average piece of food travels 1500 miles to reach your plate

– We consume 100,000 meals & 60-80 tons of food

– We are faced with eating options 200 times a day

– Every time we eat is a chance to heal or harm

– “How we eat is how we live” & How we live is how we eat”

– Say a word before a meal

– Pick your foods like you pick your friends


Kaayla Daniel – Naughty Nutrition

– a man’s waistline is the single biggest indicator of testosterone. (Or lack of testosterone)

– Excitotoxins are Glutamate & Aspartate

– “Pharm Flavorings” small amounts added to foods that fly under the FDA radar. GMO & Xenoestrogens

– Aztecs called the avocado ” Testicle Sauce”

– Oxalates – Spinach, Rhubarb, Peanuts, Chocolate (real chocolate)

– The goal of the cell membrane is to be strong & flexible

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– Every cell in your body & brain needs fat

– Vitamin D & Vitamin A go hand in hand

– Coconut Oil supports Gut Healing

– Butter best source of Vitamin D. It’s the secret to a well lubed Brain & Body

“Chocolate Milk is Soda in Drag”


Gary Taubes – Why We Get Fat

– Most people have ” Insulin Signalling Disorders”

– Base of Food Guide is a big problem

– Obesity is a disorder of fat accumulation not energy imbalance

– In terms of obesity, we only care about how much energy goes into the fat cell, not into the person

– Gary Taubes talked about why people get fat and clarified that eating too much and  not exercising enough are not the root causes of obesity.

– Like any growth defect, obesity is a hormonal regulatory disorder.

– When insulin levels drop, fat escapes from the fat tissue and the fat deposits drop.

Gary Taubes & Rob King


Ben Prentiss – Personal Trainer to Strength Coach of the Pros

Ben Prentiss & Rob King

– Changes & updates his gym and training gear yearly

– Cue with single words

– Doesn’t let his trainers train the same clients all the time

– Pair exercises for best results

– Invest in your knowledge

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– Don’t try to be everything for everyone

– Do what you do best & delegate the rest

– Be Yourself

– Practice what you preach

– Develop your own Philosophy

-“There Is No Such Thing As Sports-Specific Training”

“Know what your passion is and the rest will take care of itself.” – Ben Prentiss


Charles Poliquin – The Ultimate Parking Lot Session

Charles Poliquin & Rob King

– We do a “Metro” Paleo diet

– Pre & Post biotics are very important. The higher the protein the more probiotics we need

– If you have digestion issues you need HCL

– New Top 5 Supplements
1. Fish Oil
2. Pro Biotics
3. CoQ10 (Gel not capsules)
4. Magnesium (2g for males 1.5g for female)

– Curcumin has major health benefits and will be a top supplement

– 2g Vitamin c post workout lowers cortisol, increases testosterone in3 weeks

– HCG diet will make you fatter (due to the rebound)

– Magnesium is basically gone from the soil

– Focus on learning anatomy

– Great teachers make their students better than themselves

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For more information on Charles Poliquin, check out his blog at: www.CharlesPoliquin.com

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