The “No Sit” Workout

The “No Sit” Workout

I want you to do something for me.

I want you to try something I have been doing for a while now, something that I LOVE doing and it has changed the way I train.

No more sitting down while you workout.

Got it?

Simple Yes, but let me explain 3 things about the No Sitting Workout.1. Why we SHOULD Stand while we workout

2. The Benefits of Standing/lying down (notice Lying down is different than sitting)

3. The REAL REASON why most gym’s have tons of seated exercises

Ok #1. Why Should We Stand During Our Workouts?

In the last 50 years or so people are changing, we are watching TV for hours a day, we sit down at work for sometimes 8 hours a day only to come home home and sit down for dinner, THEN sit down and watch TV or creep people on Facebook (you get the point).

The bottom line here is that we are sitting down FAR more than we should, and our bodies are not designed well for sitting, espicially for long periods of time.

Plain and simple sitting for long periods of time SUCKS, and it’s gonna take thousands of years for us to de-evolve to the point where excessive sitting is good for us.

Standing is something we need to keep our body working the way it should.  We are meant to drive off our feet and our legs daily, not sit in our chairs until our butt goes numb. Standing, Running, Jumping is what we are meant to do, along with sitting, it’s just that we are spending far too much time SITTING.

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#2. The Benefits of Standing During Our Workout

As much as BodyBuilding Body Part splits are all the norm these days 90% of the people working out don’t need these type of workouts (Blasphemy I know, get the stake ready).  Joe Weider was a MASTER Business Man, he got us all doing BodyBuilding Type workouts and Isolation exercises, and sure there are some benefits to this type of training, BUT, your body is a complex SYSTEM that is meant to work TOGETHER to be effective.  We are not our Biceps or our Pecs, we are a FULL SYSTEM READY TO WORK TOGETHER to fire muscles and LIFT SH*T!.

So while 90% of people in gym’s are doing chest & bicep routines meant for competitive bodybuilders, most people are selling themselves short in both RESULTS & HEALTH.

Let me ask you a question.  Aside from Watching TV and surfing the Internet how often are you sitting down?

Need to lift something, you stand up.

Need to put something on a shelf, you stand up.

Need to get out of bed, you turn, and Stand UP from the ground.

Need to pick up something, you bend over.

See a pattern here?  At no point really are you sitting and MOVING (and reaching for the remote does not count).

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We sit ALL DAY LONG, we need to UN-SIT (thank you J. C. Santana).

#3 The REAL Reason Why We Sit For Exercising In Most Gyms

You aren’t going to like this one.

Your Gym is Making You LAZY!


Walk into most commercial gyms and you will see it packed with Treadmills (With TV’s), Exercise Equipment where you SIT down, and of course cardio machines where you sit like and pass away the time.

Bottom line, your gym is MAKING YOU COMFORTABLE when your gym should be making you UN-COMFORTABLE.

Why spend an hour WALKING on a treadmill when you can run up a hill 10 times and get a better workout.

Why sit down and do a shoulder press when you can (and should) do it Standing (No it’s not bad for your back, quite the opposite).

Why sit down and do Pull Downs when you SHOULD be pulling yourself up.

It’s very simple, this sh*t is HARD, and Hard Work doesn’t keep big box gyms in business, COMFORT DOES.


So here is what I want you to do.


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Stand when you do shoulder presses.

Stand when you do curls.

Stand when you do back exercises (Pull ups over pull downs, standing band rows over seated rows)


DO this for a few weeks and you will find muscles you never knew you had.  Your core will get stronger, your legs will work the way they SHOULD, your lower back will get stronger, your GLUTES will love you (and girls we will love you for workin them glutes).

So give this a try, just do it for a month and watch the difference in how much better you will FEEL and how much STRONGER you will get.

Hope you enjoyed this and leave me some comments below.


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