The Problem With Kettlebells

The Problem With Kettlebells

I just finished up an amazing 2 day “Training For Warriors” certification with one of THE BEST trainers in the world, Martin Rooney.

I will be posting some killer blog posts this week you won’t want to miss them.

One thing Martin covered was Kettlebells and the proper way to use Kettlebells in workouts.

You see this is the reason I hate the kettlebell thing because it gets taken out of whack and people end up doing all these weird exercises that have no purpose more than looking cool, that doesn’t help you get stronger or leaner because it looks cool.

Another thing Martin touched on was the correct way to do the RIGHT Kettlebell exercises!

You see most of us, (including me), have been doing a lot of things wrong when it comes to Kettlebells, and this is not good.

Can you see a big round piece of iron flying around your body being used in the wrong way be good for you?


However Martin Rooney thinks kettlebells can be a great “Tool”, likeĀ  all other pieces if equipment, and I couldn’t agree more.

I use Kettlebells in a lot of my workouts, and you should as well!

The benefits are huge for lean muscle, strength and fat loss.

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In this video here isĀ  one way Martin had us use Kettlebells, this is a Metabolic Circuit.

So if you want to use Kettlebells correctly in your training check out my buddy Chris Looez’s Kettlebell Revelution to find out the safest and most effective ways to use Kettlebells to improve your training.

Chris will be doing a guest blog post for me in a few days be sure to check it out.

In the meantime check out Kettlebell Revolution by clicking HERE.



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