What A Week It’s Been

What A Week It’s Been

What a crazy few days it has been.

Friday I flew out from St. John’s Newfoundland to Charlotte North Carolina.

Now like any flights out out Newfoundland you always expect some hassles.  However having
the airport have no working systems at 5am I knew things were not off to a good start.

Shit happens, so I patiently waited in line for almost 1.5 hours but I made my flight.

This was only the start :).

Like a domino effect every flight after involved me running thorough the airport trying to catch my next flight.

It never bothered me, I just considered it to be “cardio”. Hey I always say sprinting is good for you.  I created a new exercise it’s called “Suitcase Sprints” so expect them at your next workout at HWTC lol.

After arriving in Charlotte I went to pick up my luggage.  I was the last person off the plane as I always book myself in the very back so that I can work, write and read without issue. Plus I am close to the bathroom so that is a double win.

After waiting and waiting….and waiting guess what happened.

No luggage.

So after I got to my hotel I headed out to Target to get my supplies of pit stick, shorts, hanes t-shirts, food and a new batman shirt (bonus).

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The next day we started our Training For Warriors Summit, but you won’t believe this.

So the night before I set my alarm on my Iphone, get ready and crawl into bed.

The next morning I wake up on my own in a panic, MY ALARM didn’t go off?

WTF!  So I checked my phone, it was dead.  Come to find out that I left SIRI and MAPS on my phone and it drained the battery.

Not cool.

So I showered, and booted it to the TFW Summit and apologies to my good friend Martin Rooney about me being an idiot.

The day one of the summit was a team building event that involved rock climbing, obstacle course and more.  It was amazing.  Really cool experience I have to say.



Oh Martin

That night we headed out to one of Martin’s student’s house on a lake that was one of the most beautiful houses I have ever seen.

We had an amazing dinner, I got to meet some new people, as well I got to connect with some amazing friends like my friend from Seattle Luka.


Incredible House & Amazing View


Damn Rob Stop Working….


My Brother From Another Mother Luka

Epic night overall.

Sunday was the big day for me.

I had my presentation on Body Transformation programs for my Training For Warriors family and I was on a mission to deliver my best to them, and to Martin.

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So I got my game face on, found my happy place and when it came time I brought my best presentation I could.

Everyone seemed to love it and I know they will go home and help people transform their bodies and minds and become better.

It was an honor to present and thank you Martin Rooney for the amazing opportunity.

Today I spent most of the day at Starbucks writing some new articles for TrainingForWarriors.com and also a blog post on hamstring training. and another blog post about my article on my good friend and top strength coach JasonFerrugia.com and a blog post on hamstring training.  This is what happens when I have too much caffeine, my version of a “vacation” = uninterrupted work.

You can check out my article on Jay’s blog “5 Things You Must To Do To Stay Strong & Healthy“.  Since I am almost 40 this is very important to me. Actually it doesn’t matter how old you are.  Staying strong and moving well should ALWAYS be important, so go read my guest blog post :).

Tonight I had a great workout with Martin & Tom Robertson at Champions gym.

We did a combo of Bench Press for 10 reps followed by horizontal rows for 10 reps.  Each set adding 10 lbs per set.  Our last work set was 235 lbs for 10 reps.

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It was an incredible workout, actually every workout with Martin Rooney is an incredible workout.


Watching Martin Get His Pump On

The last few days have been amazing and I am so grateful to be a part of Martin Rooney’s Training For Warriors System as I have learned so much and met so many amazing people.

Well that’s it for me, time to go try to relax (and by relax I mean write more articles and blogs, I don’t relax very well).

I hope your doing great.  Feel free to reply to connect with me on Facebook with a post or let me know anyway I can help you and your training.

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