Take Your Sneakers Off On Deadlifts

Take Your Sneakers Off On Deadlifts

If you want to find what really works in fitness, just look to the past.

Multi-million dollar businesses have convinced people they need “stuff” to make their training better.  One of those things is sneakers

Long before Vibrams were cool, the old-school athletes and champions had harnessed the benefits of barefoot lifting.

If you want a better deadlift and less back pain, you need to take your sneakers off on deadlifts.

I love this photo of Arnold.  It is the way we are meant to train and lift.


The 3 main reasons for taking shoes off on deadlifts:


1. Shoes drive your knees forward because of the heel elevation.  Knees over toes on deadlifts is not good.  So, by taking your sneakers, you can sit back into the heels and not have your knees go over the bar.  This will save your back and get you stronger.


2. Your toes can work the way they should, your pinky toes play a big role in deadlifts. By gripping the floor wth your toes, you get a better feel on deadlifts which makes you stronger and keeps the right muscles activated. Think of doing pull-ups or bench presses in a set of oven mitts or winter gloves.


3.  You’re lower to the bar and ground.  That ONE inch makes a big difference.


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