Bench Press Grip – Video Tip #1

Bench Press Grip – Video Tip #1

So I am stuck in Newark NJ on my way home to Newfoundland after a amazing Marketing conference with my Idol Frank Kern.  Don’t worry it’s not that exciting for most people, but for me it was like meeting Arnold!

Last week I flimed a bunch of workout videos as feedback from most of my readers so far have been that they love the videos.  So I plan to put my shiny bald head on video more, all to keep you happier :).

This is a video I filmed on Bench Press Grip. It’s something that is very neglected and overlooked but really important to having a big bench press and something that can make an improvement in your numbers immediately.

If you give me enough feedback and replies I will post up 2 more like this. Each one building on the other, but I need to hear from you first so give me some feedback.

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  • Tony T.

    Great tip, Rob!

  • Danny Gray

    Great advice !! I use a full grip but never squeezed the bar when pressing. I will definetly try it next chest workout

    Thank you

  • Patrick F

    Good Stuff, keep up the good work.

  • Chuck F

    Good stuff,I’ve always used a false grip(that being the way I was trained) but will give your idea a shot.Can you give us some insite on when the bar is in the down position, if it is at the chest or throat placement what effects it has on different muscles .

  • Devin S

    Great tip. Gonna incorporate the squeeze into my bench routine now

  • Jay Park

    I did this way since I joined the gym, but thanks for the reminder

  • Kyle

    Hey Rob,

    Wondering when you are gonna post that followup video to the Glute-Guy interview.
    I don’t want to dish out 30$ for his book. Mind you i could probably google everything I need to know, it’s just nice to get info from a trusted local source.

  • Rob King

    Hey Kyle

    TRUST ME when I say that anything from Bret is worth the coin. I make nothing recommending his stuff, i recommend it cuz its awesome!!

    30$ is 1 box of chicken breasts or a dozen and 1/2 beer. The amount of info you get for 30$ is mental he should charge far more.

    I have a glute video planned for soon!

  • John C

    Not using a false grip is a great call, but you could go one further and suggest using the squat rack and a bench.
    If you’re going heavy, why ever put yourself in a dangerous position?
    Using the rack & bench; if your arms fails, or the bar slips, the squat bars will catch it.
    going heavy without a failsafe is DANGEROUS.
    I heard the press bench is the number one place where injuries occur in the gym.

  • Rob King

    John personally i like ALWAYS having a good spotter over having do bench in the power rack or squat rack. A good spotter is essential! This is coming up in another video very soon 😉

  • Wince

    Great tip Rob …. btw are you planning to share some knowledge on workout strategies and supplementation for us guys moving into the middle years where recovery is not as quick as before and ways to naturally boost the testosterone … hope the trip proved to be full of great information ….

  • Rob King

    Hey Wince

    i plan to post a LOT more videos. Doing my homework on making them better.

    As for stuff to help us middle year guys, dont you worry! its coming really soon!

  • nick

    thanks for the tip, been using the false grip for bench press for a few years now. video’s are good. great job

  • Rob King

    Awesome Nick

    Glad to hear it

    I used it for years also, and even though I can lift more with false grip for overall safety and strength the normal grip is better.

  • brandon

    awesome tips Rob, keep them coming.

  • mike

    nice vid rob gonna try the squeeze next time i’m benching. Will your follow up video be another on bench press techniques?

  • Rob King

    Ya man..1 a week for the next 3 weeks!! keep checkin then I got something REALLY cool…

  • Mike C

    Gonna try this next time im benching, keep all these little tips coming. Great Info!

  • Rob King

    thanks Mike

  • allo

    thanks rob you rock but i need to ask u another quistion about the best intra-workout suplement im ur opinion.
    thanks again…..

  • Rob King

    Hi Allo

    for intra-workout do you mean during or post? Sorry Im confused.

    Right now i use Surge during and Size On new version post workout.

  • Tanya Coles

    Very good tip. It is small things like grip that can really make a difference in performance. Keep up the videos, they are very informative 🙂

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  • david

    Thanks for that good advice, before i was just holding the bar now im going to try it this way.

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  • aaron

    thanks for the tips rob really will help us on the bench did hurt my lower back a while back set me back about a month but went to gym and they showed me some exercies to strenthen my lower back after doin them for a couple of weeks my back seemed to fine

  • Rob King

    Glad to hear Aaron thats great!

  • Terry

    Great tip. Its small things like grip that can really make a difference in performance. Keep up the videos, they are very informative

  • TC

    Hey Rob
    Thanks for this great bench press tip. Been using the full grip too but never really squeezed. The funny thing is I’ve been squeezing techniques with my kettlebell grinding movement but never done that on bench press. Will try that and let you know how it work for me.


  • Rob King

    Awesome TC, thanks for the comment and nice hearing from you.

  • Patrick Fox

    I never knew about squeezing the bar when you push up. I learned in wrestling, where I started to weight lift, was to breath in when you brought the bar to your chest and exhale as you push up. I will put the squeezing bar technique into my future workouts because I do want to increase my bench press from 250lbs to 300lbs and more. Thank you for the video tip.

  • Rob King

    Hey Patrick

    Glad it helped you and good luck getting 300lb, shoot for 315 though it looks way cooler with 3 45s a side 🙂

  • David Shillito (UK)

    Hi Rob

    Greetings from the UK

    Friendly heads up about the video content

    The full grip is advice, but not a tip without further explanation mate. Unless you explain WHY you are advising a full grip no one has a way to establish the value of your advice.

    As you know from your own experience, a false grip provides a greater surface area for contact with the bar (up to 4cm per hand), and with literally millions of people pressing this way for decades without dropping the bar on their chest, you really need to say more than ‘dont cause I said so’!

    If you want old timers like me (50, former competitive BB) to learn new tricks, give us the WHY … to validate the how

    (Ask B about ‘reason why’ copy)

    Just a thought

    Cheers buddy

  • Jon

    Thanks for the tip! I have found that using the squeeze has given me some improvement! Thanks!!!

  • Rob King

    Glad it helped you Jon.

  • Rob King


    It wasn’t my intentions to go over all the pros and cons of each grip variations of a bench press. It was just to cover what I think is the best and why. Grips alone could be a full discussion on it’s own.

    At my heaviest bench days (405 for 4, which would crush me now lol) i used a false grip. It’s a better grip for lifting heavy, however for most people I think it is a poor choice. The normal grip is better overall especially for beginners and intermediate.

    This video wasnt geared towards people with medium to advanced bench press skills. Your best bet for that is to check some of the big benchers who compete. This wasn’t the reason for this. When using a suit and gear sure every pound counts, but for someone just lifting i always recommend the normal grip and always will.

    you may bench 300 times with no problems, but at 301 if you lose the bar across your face well I wouldn’t consider it a wise choice, would you? I benched heavy for years and once had 365 roll off and land on my chest. Not fun.

    Thanks for the reply but I don’t agree with you fully. Everyone can have their opinion, i have posted mine.

  • Rob King

    Just a sample of WHY i dont advise Suicide Grip on benching no matter how experienced you are. Would you want this to happen to you even once??

  • Melville

    Hi Rob,

    Thanks for the grip tip in the video.

    Could you please advise me where to lower the bar to to optomise the best results (top of chest or middle).

    Many thanks

  • Rob King

    Hey Melville,

    I think i mentioned it on one of the videos

    go right for the sternum/nipple line. thats the best place to have the bar placement.