Bench Press Video Tip #3 – Bar Placement

Bench Press Video Tip #3 – Bar Placement

Newfoundland Boy Frank McGrath

I hope you enjoyed my bench press video tips.  If you need a refresher here are the links for the first 2 videos

Video Tip 1 – Bench Pres Grip

Video Tip 2 – Foot Placement

In this tip I want to explain to you 2 things.

1. Bar Placement On The Chest

2 Bar Path aka Bar Trajectory

I hope this video sheds some light on something as simple as a Bench Press and shows you that although it is a basic lift, there is a lot to doing it correctly.  All these little tips and tricks add up to improve your bench press and give you better strength and injury prevention.

As always Leave Me Some Feedback!

If you want more videos like this let me know ok.

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  • Tanya Coles

    Great tip!! Great job on the videos and pics as well. They are short, sweet and to the point, making it easy to remember to use these techniques @ the gym. Very informative. Keep them coming!

  • Darcy

    Hi Rob,thanks your videos are awesome this 3rd one i did not know about the arc or half circle so i am going to try it. 🙂


  • Rob King

    Awesome. there are different ways to do it.

    for powerlifters i think they want the bar as straight and short range as possible because they use suits. but for raw benching i found this to be the best

    would love feedback from anyone else

  • allo

    hey ROB thanks again for the helpfull tips but if i may ask if i have a shoulder injury that prevents me from doing the press this way u showed it,is there another way to do it with out lowering it to the nipples???
    thanks again…..

  • Eddie

    sounds interesting will have to give that a go later at the gym

    thanks for all the helpfull hinhts n tips rob

    keep up the good work

  • Rob King

    thanks Eddie!

  • I think your doing a great job with showing people these videos keap up the good work Rob.

  • Deborah

    My trainer never got around to having me bench before I had to end the contract. I’ve been doing single DB presses. I want to advance to benches but, having worked with a trainer and now recognizing bad form EVERYWHERE in the gym, my primary concern with anything new is correct form. These videos are a huge help to me. Thanks!

  • Rob King

    Excellent! Glad to hear Deborah!

  • Rob King

    Thank you! Means a lot hearing that! I love fitness and helping people! LOVE feedback so thanks again!

  • Wince

    Great tip Rob … moving the bar outside the center of gravity and then using the gravity to assist you makes the effort much easier ……

  • mark

    Rob, can you show us proper form on a smith machine ,for the bench press ?

  • Rob King

    Mark I would…but I HATE smith machine. HATE/ It has few benefits but not many.

    Stay away from it, it will tear your shoulders apart.

    Bar and DB’s Mark, forget the smith machine ok

  • Nabil

    Thank you
    Clarification: For the flat bench press the bar to be lowered on the nipples
    For the inclined bench press the bar to be lowered on the upper chest
    And for the declined will it be lowered on the nipple line

  • David

    I’ve done that on accident before, and felt liike I was cheating. Guess not!

  • chris murden

    this info is just invaluable… bench pressing has increased effectiveness by miles.
    rob i thank you.
    give this man a nighthood

  • Rob King

    Awesome Chris! Thanks so much for the feedback and I am really glad to hear of your progress!! More to come!

  • Dickson

    I have been having a lot of shoulder pain from bench but I could not figure out why, now that I have been watching these videos I have no shoulder pain. My grip and form is so much better, thank you for the help your a better trainer than my teacher at school.

  • Rob King

    Awesome dude! Nice hearing from you and thanks!

  • Patrick

    Wow, I have never seen or heard that tip right there. That is surly something I need to try when I bench. Doing that curve back will definetly save my shoulders from feeling sore the next day and I think then I can push myself up to higher then 300lbs and as I type this at 250lbs with only the tips I learned in wrestling, so with these 3 videos I believe my benching will improve and I will keep you up to date on my benching. Thank you Rob!

  • Jon

    I am currently on the powerlifting team at my college. I was lifting light weights compared to the rest of the guys. But after watching your videos, i am just about equal with the rest of the guys! Thanks so much!!

  • Gavin

    These are great videos Rob. I done a resistance training course at MUN, and bench pressing is something a lot of people don’t do properly. But this video explains how to properly do a bench press, and doing the “arc” half way up like that helps tremendously. Great videos man. Keep it up!!

  • Rob King

    Thanks Gavin

    i was a very small guy growing up, about 140lbs so I had to learn EVERYTHING I could to be strong. I read and learned as much as I could and tried to apply it and see what works.

    Thanks for the feedback.

  • denis

    would that arc at the top of your bench press not put more pressure on your shoulders than the usual press. as you know shoulder problems ruin many a lifters gym enjoyment ?

  • Rob King

    It shouldnt

    Funny enough i benched heavy for years and never had any shoulder problems. I also always made it a point to train rotators and also to train a lot of upper back high pulling to balance out over training benching etc.

  • joe

    Thanks Rob! I plan on useing these tips tomorrow on my chest/tri day. I’m always researching to see correct and different ways to perform a exercise or discover a new exercise altogether.
    Thanks again.

  • Rob King

    Awesome, glad to hear! Keep me posted ok!