Every Rep Should Be Fast & Explosive

Every Rep Should Be Fast & Explosive

Every Rep Should Be Fast and Explosive

I was watching some videos last night and one of the top powerlifters in the world came on and this was what he said.

“Every Rep Should Be Fast and Explosive”

And I couldn’t agree more.

In training you need to conditioning yourself to get fast and explosive.

This is something that is trainable and can be improved in practice (aka training).

The key with fast and explosive is to start it from your first warm up set.

When weights get heavy they get slow(er) so even though you are trying to move them at a high speed they will generally move slow(er).

So you need to start creating yourself to become fast and explosive in the warm ups and ramp up sets.

Here is how I do it and coach it.

Your first 1-2 sets are light and you can use those for pattern grooving.  Take your time, make sure things feel good, make sure things “feel good” before we start going fast.  Also for learning how to move you always want to move slow to learn the pattern.  But this is another thing entirely.

After you have gone through slowly then start ramping up your speed.

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Every rep, every set should improve on the quality of the last one.

You are looking to always be fast and always be explosive.

Your ability to create speed is something that you can practice and work on.  And the faster you get the stronger you will get.

So be sure to train with perfect form and remember the following.

Every Rep Should Be Fast and Explosive.

Coach Rob

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