Bench Press Lower Body Position – Video Tip #2

Bench Press Lower Body Position – Video Tip #2

I hope you enjoyed Bench Press Video Tip #1 Bench Press Grip.

In this second Bench Press Tip I want to show you the importance of foot and lower body positioning.  This is crucial!

Once you get this down strength will really go up, and fast!

Benching maybe an “UpperBody” exercise, but remember its better to always use your FULL Body to act as a unit, and not isolate, especially when it comes to Strength Exercises.

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  • Mike Crickard

    I am definitely going to try this next time i do bench

  • Rob King


    Dont bridge TOO much..u dont want to look like a upside U lol. Just use a bit of glute and hips to drive it helps a lot!

  • Anindam

    Thanks man, if I grow some balls I’ll go to the Bushido and learn that triangle choke I love so much. The videos are good, been trying them at the gym and it definitely felt much better and more productive. Keep up the good work!

  • mike

    awesome video Rob, hope this helps everyone out. Keeping that slight little arch in your back and keeping your body tight and toes tucked is something I always see people miss and it’s unfortunate. Form is crucial to getting stronger! anyhow thanks for all the info and keep the videos coming!

  • Alex

    would this position also work for incline/decline bench press?

  • Jay Park

    never saw that coming. slightly arching the back. so unique. thank u rob!

  • Rob King

    Somewhat but not as much. Foot position is always important. but when doing incline you dont want your hips being raised as then it takes you into essentially a flat bench.

    IM not a big fan of incline anyways. keep your ass in the seat on incline.

  • Rob King

    Thanks Mike, lots of cool videos and stuff in the works. I love helping people.

  • nick

    Havn’t been benching will try this if I had the chance, keep it up bro.

  • Ben LaFontaine

    good tips. keep them coming

  • brandon

    great tip man.. i’ll give it a try next workout.

  • Ron W

    Thanks for the refresher Rob. For someone like me that has been away from weight training for awhile, it is good to have these videos to remind one of the proper techniques, and therefore lessen the likelihood of injury. I just turned 64 years old, so for me these videos are great. And I’ll always swear by weight training. Your doing a great job with the videos and your website. Keep on truckin’.

  • Rob King

    Hey Ron

    Blast from the past! Nice hearing from you!

    Weight training is always essential no matter the age, goals change but some principles stay the same.

    Glad they are helping you and thanks for the kind words!

  • robert

    Hey Rob cheers thats good advice i always struggle with the position
    legs all over the place cheers.

  • Mike

    These are the kind of tips I can never get a straight answer on in the gym. Thanks it is appreciated.

  • Tanya Coles

    Rob, I stop by and check out your videos and tips every day & they are very informative, thanks for sharing :)…crap…how much weight is he lifting in this pic? 500lbs? lol. Do the same positioning apply when doing the bench chess press when using dumbbells? I do those often and I’m assuming the answer is yes.

  • Rob King

    Awesome! Glad to hear it!

  • This is something I’ve been doing along time, and I get “coached” to stop doing it constantly by the local “pros.” Of course, I’m 6’8″ and only 190lbs, so it looks really exaggerated when I produce my “arch” or “bridge.” What is your feeling on hand placement? Everything I’ve read says because I’m so tall that I should train to spread my grip out as much as possible. I’ve checked out all 3 of your bench tips vids and dl’d all of the free ebooks… all great stuff. Thanks Rob!

  • Rob King

    Thats awesome Derek. Glad to hear they helped you.

    Being tall and benching will always be more difficult. Play with your width and see whats comfortable for you personally. Benching is a short guys lift, and deadlifting is usually better for taller guys. Play around with your grips.

    Also it isnt essential on flat bench to always go to the chest. Do some presses off a board which will help you with the longer arms etc.

  • Val Naugle

    I always think its funny when I see new ‘benchers’ squirming with their feet lol. But after watching this video I realize I need to have my feet in tighter and explode with my hips more. I also tend to lean to my left when im trying to get my last rep in cause I feel like my right arm cant handle it yet my left arm feels like it can do another rep (Im left-handed) Any suggestions? thanks for posting this vid

  • Rob King

    Val glad you found it helpful.

    Get away from benching, hit some SINGLE ARMD DUMBELL work, use your WEAK arm first to failure, then use your strong arm, do not let your strong arm #’s pass your weak.

    Make sense?

  • Val Naugle

    Yes, thanks for the advice Rob 🙂

  • carlos

    hey rob i need help increasing my bench press i currently max out at 195 almost 200lbs im going to try this and see if it helps


  • Rob King

    Awesome Carlos

    Give em a go and give me some feedback ok

  • Patrick

    Thank you for your advice Rob. With the first video and now this one I am confident that I will be able to reach 300lbs when I am off my work shift and am at home for my time off. To stay in shape though I am doing pushups every night and have one day of rest, and after the day of rest I add another 25 pushups to my total. Tonight was 175 in total and next monday is 200.

  • Daniel

    Nice video Rob. I find when I bench that my shoulder flares up, seems like it might be my rotator cuff. Where I’m shorter, should I bring my hands closer together on the bar? I know that would be more of a tricep exercise but if it saves my shoulder I think it would be more beneficial.

  • Rob King

    Without a doubt dan, I go med grip. Saves the shoulders and feels great once you get used to it