6 Ball Busting Finishers – My Article On T-Nation

6 Ball Busting Finishers – My Article On T-Nation

I have been a T-Nation fan since their site first launched many years ago.

To tell you the truth I had to be one of their first followers.

When they first came online they would update their site every Friday.  I would sit at my computer and hit refresh over and over waiting for their new articles.

I set it as a goal a long time ago to write for the best BodyBuilding & Strength site on the internet, that site of course is www.T-Nation.com.

A few months ago I got my first article published on T-Nation called “Farmers Walk Cure“, and it was a huge dream of mine and a goal to accomplish.

I am very proud to have my second article published on T-Nation called “6 Ball Busting Finishers“.

At Heavyweights Training Center we don’t do “Cardio“.

We do what I like to call “Conditioning”.

We have no cardio machines that require being plugged in.

No flashing tv screens, no counter telling us how many calories we burned, no motors, and no training like a hamster in a wheel.

At HWTC we do our “Cardio” with exercises like Sled Work, Complexes, Sprints, Stairs and Finishers.

This video is a “Bar Complex”, one of the many finishers we do at HWTC.

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Give us 10-15 minutes for our type of cardio and you will get amazing results and you won’t die from boredom as well.

Check out my article on “The Nation” with 6 Ball Busting Finishers that will kick your ass.

Be sure to check out my article by going here => www.t-nation.com/training/6-ball-busting-finishers

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If you want some fun finisher workouts you can grab some of my finisher workouts free HERE.

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