6 Tips for a Stronger Deadlift

6 Tips for a Stronger Deadlift

I have a love hate relationship with the deadlift.

It has always been one of my worst lifts in training.  It is also the lift that caused me a serious back injury 10 years ago.  Needless to say after that injury, 2 bicep tears and just lifting weights for 20 years, I have a deep respect for The Deadlift.

Over the last year I have trained with some of THE BEST strength coaches and injury experts to improve my own training and to become a better coach at at my gym, Heavyweights Training Center.

Learning from experts like Jason Ferrugia, Dr. Stu McGill, Dean Somerset, Dan John and more, I am beyond happy to be able to do deadlifts, and to lift heavy weights again:).

Two of the BEST resources I have ever read on deadlifting are Deadlift Dynamite and PowerLifting from Amazon.com

Here are 6 video tips to help you have stronger and injury-free deadlifts.

What Is The Best Grip For Deadlifts?

(You can check out a full blog post I did on Deadlift Grips HERE).


Deadlift Tip – The Hinge


Deadlift Tip – How To Breath During A Deadlift


Deadlifting – Putting It All Together


Break The Bar (Pinky Squeeze)


Deadlift Tip – Why We Don’t Use Over/Under Grip In Training

I believe in “leading from the front” and practicing what I preach.  With that in mind, here is me hitting a PB and goal of 500 lbs on a deadlift.

Considering I have a ton of injuries, (including the aforementioned 2 bicep tears, plus a herniated disc and 3 bulging discs) this is very a big deal to me! 

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