Fu*k The Scales

Fu*k The Scales

Today is a good day to write about the scales.

I am in the fitness industry, but more than that, I am in the RESULTS industry.

At HeavyWeights and with my online clients, we get RESULTS.

It’s what we are known for, and we are damn good at what we do.

But if there is one part of my job I hate, it’s the scales.  However, even though I hate them, they serve a point and they have good use and bad use.  The scales are one of many things that are important to me as a coach and trainer.  Other important factors in helping someone are:

– The amount of weight they lift in the gym

– If they are eating the right foods and following a healthy meal plan

– Their goals, including whether they are looking to lose body fat and/or increase muscle

– Their emotional state

– Their willingness to learn and change

Come the end of the day I want my clients ALL doing the same thing and it’s this:  living a good, happy, healthy life, building as much lean muscle as possible, being as strong as possible, being as lean as possible and keeping their body healthy and moving well.  In the end I want them at the best of their ability.

The scales are one way to measure progress, but they are not the be all end all.  Not even close.  The scales and weigh-in day in our programs are not just about the weigh ins.  The truth is, the weigh-ins also give us a chance to talk, and me to see what is going on with our clients.  It’s a few minutes when I get to see how our clients are doing.

Let me give you a few examples of weigh-ins; some good weigh-ins, and one of a not-so-good weigh-in.


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Client 1

Me: “How was your week?  Are you getting the workouts in?”

Client 1:  “I had a bad week, I drank a few beers, I had Easter dinner, I screwed up, I know better, damn it…”

The client was up 2 lbs (was down 3 lbs the week before, therefore 2 weeks of a program are now gone).

I haven’t seen this person in busting their asses at HWTC, I only seem them at classes, so I don’t know what they are doing on their own time or if they are getting the workouts in. I can only go by what they tell me and what my gut says.

2 weeks of a 6 week program gone because of a bad few days?  You can’t get that time back.  The scales are not what I care about, but this is not a great weigh-in.  This could have been PREVENTED without making the wrong choice.

I bet to that client that the beer and Easter dinner were not worth the taste of REGRET.  (No matter how much gravy is on it!)


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Client 2

Me:  “How was your training?  I see you girls in training hard every night, I know your pushing and getting stronger and fitter.”

Client 2: “I love it…training all the time!  Nutrition is good…I’m following the plan and doing my best.”

This client was up 1 lb. from last week.

This is where I DO NOT GIVE A SHIT about the scale and what it says.  Here is why:

I know this client is training all the time.  She is lifting.  She is sprinting.  She is muscular and has the potential to be one of my best athletes at HWTC.  Therefore whatever the scales say do not matter.  There are plenty of legit reasons to be up a pound, and I accept that.  I KNOW that she is doing her best with what god gave her and she is following a plan and giving it her all.  

No time wasted.  Just more lean mass being built and body fat torched.

In this case I will say it 1000 times…FUCK THE SCALES.


Client #3

Me:  “How is your training?  I see you and your group in here every night crushing it, update me.”

Client #3:  “Things are great!  Workouts are good…pushing hard, love it!”

This client was down 2.5 lbs.


I know this person works hard.  Every time I see them, there is a pool of sweat falling off them.  (Sweat is a good thing, remember?)

They train in a group, they motivate and push each other…they are working as a TEAM to get better.

If the scale had said he was up 2lbs I wouldn’t have been concerned.  This client is doing everything right, and is focused.

The scale doesn’t care what comes up, but what shows on the scale gives me an indication as to what is going on inside my clients head and body.  If they are doing everything right and are truthful, I don’t care what the scales say.  But if you are not doing your best and you are self-sabotaging, the scales and your reaction will show it.

When it’s your turn to stand on the scales, will you be proud of the hard work you have put in or will you find excuses?  In the end it all comes back to what you yourself are willing to put into your program.

Do your best, eat the right foods, follow the program, have fun and the scales will not matter.


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Client #4

Me:  “How was your week?  How is your training?  I see you all the time training.  Update me.”

Client #4: “I had a good week but I could have done better.  I did everything I could, but I know I could have done a bit better.”

This person was down 2.5 lbs in one week.  This is the same client who lost almost lost 42 lbs in 42 days with a bad knee.  If she didn’t stand on the scale I wouldn’t care.  She trains hard, encourages others, does her best, and even when she does her best, she always tries to do a bit better.

The scale to me does not matter here.

There is nothing I hate more than seeing a client get upset when the scale doesn’t move but they are doing everything right or to the best of their ability.  The scale does NOT matter to me.  What matters to me is knowing that when a client comes up they are working to the best of their ability and that they WANT IT.

The scale is NOT a true reflection of your results.  However the scale gives myself and the client an opportunity to really see what is going on.

Come the end of the day, what makes me happy is seeing posts like this not what the scale says.

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