Fun With Suspension Training (TRX Equipment)

Fun With Suspension Training (TRX Equipment)

I have many training toys at HWTC, but one of my favorites is the TRX, a.k.a. Suspension Training.

I use these all the time with my clients and my own training and I love them.

We attach TRX straps to our power racks, to our sleds, hell even to my jeep for crazy workouts.

Why I love Suspension Training:

– Can be used almost on anything anywhere

– Endless variety of exercises

– Takes up no room, and all you need is your body and a plan

– Can be taken anywhere.  If you are going on vacation or down south, throw this in your travel bag and you are good to go.

I use these almost every workout with my clients.  For example, yesterday I had my Yummy Mummy clients and my Cardio Strength Elite girls do a TRX row/ TRX Bicep curl as a pairing of exercises and they LOVED IT.

If you have a home gym or travel a lot, a good set of TRX straps is a great investment.

One of my go-to guys for TRX Training and exercises is Dan Long.

Dan is a buddy of mine, and I love having these guys that I can reach out to when I want to learn more.  I always go to the BEST and Dan is one of them.

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Dan has an amazing program called “Suspension Revolution” which has 191 Exercises using TRX Straps/Suspension training.

Yes….. 191 exercises.

If you use TRX straps in your training, you need this.

If you don’t use TRX staps, BUY A SET and get this program from Dan for an ENDLESS amount of exercises and training variety.

Never ever get bored.  Always keep it fun and I always say the #1 tool for getting in the best shape possible starts with your own body weight.  Suspension training works amazingly with that.

Check it out => 191 Suspension Training Exercises

In my own training, here are 2 of my favorites with the TRX:

TRX 40/40  ===>   THIS IS BRUTAL  <====

100 lb Rogue Weight Vest TRX Row

Having my clients pull my JEEP with TRX’s 🙂

Try using thick grip tools like Fat Grips and Iron Bull Grips on your TRX pulls to make them way more intense.

Basic Exercises with Sled & TRX

Heavy Sled Drag and Sled Push With TRX

Basics – TRX Push Up

TRX Push Ups Feet Suspended is crazy for core and balance

Try this core exercise 🙂

Here is me having some fun with outdoor training last year 🙂

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As you can see, I use the TRX a LOT and I love this type of training.

If you want the best information on suspension training, check out Suspension Revolution.  Never get bored with your workouts again.


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