Iron Butterlies (The Strong Ladies I Train)

Iron Butterlies (The Strong Ladies I Train)

If you had asked me even five years ago if I thought I would be a strength coach and own a gym, and I would have said you were crazy.

Now I coach one of the strongest & fittest groups of girls around, in a class called “Women’s Cardio Strength Elite” aka “The Iron Butterflies.”

Don’t let the nice “butterfly” name fool you.  These fine ladies are like Ninjas, and would kick your ass in a second.

Remember how badass “The Bride”  and “The Divas” were in Kill Bill?

I think the Iron Butterflies would kick their asses. 🙂

In all seriousness, these girls are strong, fast, athletic and look amazing.  I am damn proud to be there coach.

These “Iron Butterflies” show what real strength training does for women.

We focus our training on getting stronger, faster, healthier, and having FUN doing it.

Iron Butterfly training consists of strange exercises like:

Trap Bar Deads, Push Press, Pull-Ups, Thick Bar Pressing, Sprinting, Sled Work, Rings, Ropes, Plyos, Bodyweight Training, and sometimes they even pull Hummers.

Yep, no joke.  Keep reading.

This is not your traditional fitness center workout, let’s be clear here 🙂

Whoever said lifting weights will make a female “blocky” wasn’t telling the truth.

Not Only Do these Iron Butterflies Look Strong, they Are Strong.

Me kicking ass and getting them ready in the group warm up:

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Hummer Pull & Push… No Problem

Jeep Rope Pull & Push…. Easy:

Back Squats:

Front Squats:





Standing Press:


Tire & Sledge Hammer:



Olympic Lifts:

Sled Work:

Bench Pressin’:

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