Obsessed With Pull Ups

Obsessed With Pull Ups

I’m not gonna lie to ya… I am kinda obsessed with pull ups.

I think my obsession started many years ago when I got started into serious strength training and I saw a friend & mentor Dave Dyer do pull ups with 200 lbs strapped to his waist for one rep.

It caused a problem for me.

I couldn’t understand it. How the Fu*k do you do a pull up with 200 lbs attached?

I have always been a puzzle solver, and this was one puzzle I couldn’t solve.

Hence the obsession with pull ups was born.

I have some other crazy pull up stories I could share as well, just ask.

A few years ago I did pull ups with 100 lb dumbell attached for 5 reps and I was very happy with that.

Fast forward 5 years and I have 2 torn biceps (one surgery repaired, one not), and my appreciated for just how heavy 100 lb dumbells are on pull ups, when I recently started doing some heavy pull up variations recently i started getting obsessed again.

Two of my proudest moments after 2 bicep ruptures

Pull ups with 90 lbs.

1 arm pull up after bicep surgery (My ortho would not be happy).

Along with my personal bests I am very proud of my Heavyweights Training Center members who are doing pull ups like nothing else. No joke I have about 20 girls at my gym doing un-assited pull ups and I will have videos soon to prove it. But that is another blog post in itself (and it will be a good one).

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On top of that I had to share some of these videos which totally blew my mind (Thank you Ben Bruno).

Enjoy the vids, leave me a comment & share some links!

For more great reading on Pull Ups check out this T-Nation Article.

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  • John

    So are you going to share the secret? or will it remain a secret?

  • Oh yes..lots of great info on Pull ups etc coming soon…