5 Tips to a Better Squat

5 Tips to a Better Squat

Squats are the KING of exercises for a reason.

Squats will help your legs grow more than pretty much any other exercise, they will increase resting testosterone more than any other exercise, and they will also build bigger arms without you training your arms.  (Read more on this article “How Squatting Gives You Bigger Arms“.)

Here are 5 tips to a better squat.  Check out the videos of my squats and some of my clients squats…they’re pretty damn strong!



Training Videos

Here is a video of me back sqautting 405 at a bodyweight of 185 lb.:

Back Squat 315 for 12 reps:

Danielle Back Squatting 205 lb.

Steph 225 lb Squat at bodyweight of 113 lbs!

Sam: 185 lb Squat

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