The Half Hour Deadlift Challenge

The Half Hour Deadlift Challenge

On Saturday on Facebook my good friend and Heavyweights Training Center coach posted this challenge he saw on the Facebook page from my friend and amazing coach Dan John.

It’s called “The Half Hour Deadlift Challenge”.

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When I first saw it I got excited and a little bit stomach sick at the same time.  To me this is always a good thing.

The challenge is very simple.

Guys Deadlift 315 lbs  as many times as possible in 30 minutes.

Girls Deadlift 205 lbs. as many times as possible in 30 minutes.

It is recommended to “Drop The Deadlift” as to not get as sore, which I did.

So Saturday I went into HWTC and I had the intention of giving this challenge a go.

Considering my back issues for the last 10 years me and deadlifting have not always been close friends, but the last few months my back has never felt better and in the past week I have actually hit some personal bests on deadliest (525 lb on trap bar and also 475 on conventional deadliest).

So I was game to try this challenge.

I went in hesitant, most of the times I have hurt my back I have always been tired, had form break down, or got greedy on my lifts so the thoughts of doing 315 deadliest for 30 minutes was very scary.

My goal when I started was to do this for 10 minutes.  Then maybe this week go for 15 minutes.

Once I started lifting that went out the window.

At 10 minutes I said I can do this for 15 minutes.

At 15 minutes I said “Fuk This I Got This”.

Eye on the prize I focused in and did 315 lb deadliest for 30 minutes.


In the end I completed 73 reps in 30 minutes, raw, no belt, chalk only.

My plan was as follows

5 reps to start
Then 1 rep every 30 seconds
As time got close to the last 2-3 minutes I started going for doubles and triples.

The plan worked, I felt awesome and got stronger as time went on, the only thing that really hurt was my hands.

As happy as I was to do this challenge 2 of my coaches Kevin & Josh came in later that day and bet my numbers.

Me being the competitive SOB that I am plan to smash their numbers this week.

Here are some pics from my 30 min deadliest challenge.

On Sunday I added this challenge to my Cardio Strength Elite girls workout then for the HWTC Elite workout.

I am so proud for all of my students to take this challenge and kick ass.

But a BIG shout out goes out to Samm Taylor and Dianne Borque who pulled 205 lbs for 100 reps each in the 30 min deadlift challenge.


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Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 8.46.01 PM

I DARE YOU, Take the challenge and post your results below.




I hope you enjoyed this blog post and that it helped you.

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I am here to help you become your best and I look forward to helping you.



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