Tip : How To Use Tempo In Your Workouts

Tip : How To Use Tempo In Your Workouts

How To Use Tempo In Your Workouts


One of the best things you can do with your workouts to push past sticking points and keep your progress improving is to use tempo in your workouts.

 Most people who workout do the same speed up and down all the time and use no tempo.

Tempo is very beneficial for building muscle, improving strength and to add variety to your workouts.

The tempo structure that I use in my programs and program design involves 4 digits and I do it like this.

Lets use 4-1-X-1 Tempo as an example and let’s use squats as the exercise

=> The first number (4) will refer to the eccentric or the lowering portion of the exercise so when you start your squat this is the descent of the squat.

=> The second number (1) will be the pause in the second position of the lift, the bottom of the squat.

=>The third number will represent the concentric of the lift, the X means “As Fast As Possible”, so from the bottom of the squat you go as fast as possible.

=> The fourth number will represent the pause at the top or the flexing of the muscle, in this case it’s a 1 second squeeze/pause.

Check out this video where I coach Danielle and explain tempo while squatting.



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