Inside Fitness Magazine

Inside Fitness Magazine

I wanted to take the time to recommend a great magazine called Inside Fitness Magazine.

This is one of the few magazines I actually Buy & Read anymore (as most magazines are full of bad articles and too much advertising).

Inside Fitness Magazine has a great variety of articles on a wide variety of fitness & health related topics.

Many years ago I used to read Muscle Media 2000 magazine from cover to cover.  I haven’t found a magazine I like as much since Muscle Media.

As well I sometimes I  contribute to Inside Fitness Magazine and consider it an honor to be part of such a great bunch of people and a solid magazine.  Add this to your reading list monthly, its worth every penny!
























About Inside Fitness Magazine

Since its inception, Inside Fitness Magazine (IFM) has endeavoured to engage, entertain and enthrall Canadians with the trends and issues important to the fitness, health and bodybuilding scene in our beautiful country. From its brilliant photography, to its insightful and informative articles regarding exercise, diet tips and sports nutrition breakthroughs and all points in between, IFM has captivated readers and helped redefine what Canadian fitness magazine should be all while building a loyal following.


IFM is by Canadians for Canadians, leaving little doubt as to why it has connected with its Canadian audience like no other fitness publication on the scene. By successfully promoting health, fitness and wellness ideals in a concise, informative and easy to understand format, IFM has fostered a repeat audience, while simultaneously cultivating an increasingly growing number of new readers. With this ever growing readership spanning the entire country, we will continue to keep our loyal readers up-to-date on all the important and noteworthy issues that affect them and help them achieve their goal of being on the ‘inside’ and staying informed.

I highly recommend Inside Fitness Magazine!

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  • Justin

    Rob, I gotta say i’m truly surprised nobody mentioned forearms. That is something I almost never see people train but can yield some great overall arm strength.

  • Rob King

    Justin i somewhat agree, but, if you think about it forearms and grip get a LOT of work in everything you do in the Gym. Gripping for curls, chins, deads, etc. These work forearms and grip.

    As for direct forearm training I agree, i just think that glutes being prime movers for a lot of sports and strength is more important. Glutes for performance, forearms for vanity lol

  • Justin

    Good point! My main focus lately has been Back and Arms I guess I felt my forearms were a bit “lacking”.

    One downside to forearms is that you pretty much have to do them last or with legs because the tightness within your arms after a few sets will leave upper body exercises uncomfortable and awkward.

    Popeye and John Cena will never forgive your last sentence! haha

  • Rob King

    Ya they can seize up pretty good. there are some really cool strength manuels around about grip strength and forearm training

    i was just on a blog the other day for it ill try to find it

  • Jenny

    I’m gonna have to say lower body…legs. For me anyway I justify working my legs by running but its not enough. But how can I work out legs and still run the next. Getting over the soreness ruins the runs.

  • Rob King

    Thanks for posting on my blog Jenny. Running isn’t enough for legs, and runners avoid legs because of the soreness/recovery faster.

    Cold showers post workout with warm mixed, but the biggest factor is get some BCAA’s (Branch Chain Amino Acids) Xtend is an amazing product for reducing soreness.