Rival-US Supplement Line

Rival-US Supplement Line

Finally back in stock at Heavyweights the full line of Rival US products!

If you aren’t familiar with the Rival US line let me tell you that these products are amazing.  We couldn’t keep them in stock in June, and in august the vendor was out of stock on a lot of items, now thankfully we have the full line back in stock.

RIVALUS (pronounced rival·us) was founded in Canada by Dr. Darren Burke (PhD), a nationally ranked athlete turned university professor and research scientist. In his laboratory Dr. Burke studies the effects of dietary supplements on body composition and athletic performance in humans. His papers are published in peer-reviewed scientific journals distributed around the world.

Certified SAEF® (Safe and Effective First™). Each RIVALUS product is clinically tested on athletes to confirm that it maintains normal physiological function (Safe) while improving performance (Effective). Each product contains no substance banned by national college sports associations, International Olympic Committee (IOC) or World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

Pioneers of Innovation. RIVALUS was created by a world-renowned scientist with connections to experts internationally. We create innovation for ourselves that others follow. The pharmaceutical purity of the PERMEATE® Drug Delivery Technology in is an example of one innovation included in each RIVALUS product and results in greater than 8x absorption & effects.

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