Super Hero Workout Review

Super Hero Workout Review


Super Hero Workout Review

I don’t know about you but I am a HUGE fan of Super Hero’s.  Growing up I was a bit of a Spiderman Freak but as I aged I went more towards Batman.

Me & my friend Gill dressed up for Halloween about 10 years ago 🙂

One thing I always loved about Super Hero’s was their physiques.  I was a huge fan of freakish muscle and strength, I wasn’t big into Super Powers because well that was kinda not fair to the normal Super Hero’s that had to work their butts off and be damn smart, hence my obsession with Batman (Yes that’s me dressed up as Batman, I generally do this weekly lol).

I am sure you can relate to my Batman obsession with your own Super Hero of choice.  If so please leave a comment below on your favorite super hero.

Moving forward.

John Romanello (aka Roman, has just come out with a new AMAZING workout program and I was stoked to get a advanced copy.  I guess buying Roman a bottle of Tequila in Vegas had some benefits after all.

Enter The Super Hero Workout Program.

Let me say that after reviewing this product in full that I am totally stocked about this!  It’s a killer program covering everything you need to build a “Super Hero Physique”.

The Super Hero Workout is split into 4 phases.

  • Phase 1 is power based, with some muscle building (Thor for inspiration).
  • Phase 2 is more agility, conditioning and the like (think Spiderman workout and Batman).
  • Phase 3 is pure mass (inspired by the Hulk workout–don’t worry ladies, he has something for you as well).
  • Phase 4 is more of a combination, so little bit of everything. More for “all around” heros like Super Man.
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He may even include some TRX workouts that he may call “Web-Slinger Suspension Training”.

These programs are not your typical Muscle Magazine crap programs, these are well mapped out programs with very specific intentions.

For you ladies don’t worry Roman has included a program designed specifically for females to attain the Super Hero female look. I loved the BLADE Series thank you Jessica Biel, (Jessica Biel took her body & role to another level).

Roman created a FULL Super Hero Workout Program for women, complete with training manual and workout log sheets.

Back to The Super Hero Workout, what is great about this program as well is that it comes complete with The Super Hero Workout Log Sheets, you can print these off and take them to the gym and follow the exact workouts specified by Roman.

Roman did a great job on The Super Hero Workout Programs, here is a sample below.

This program covers everything no matter your goal.

Want the mass & strength like The Hulk?  The Super Hero Workout Covers It

Want the musculature & athleticism of Batman?  The Super Hero Workout Covers It.

Want a Body Like Superman or Superwoman?  The Super Hero Workout Covers It.

Want to be built like THOR?  The Super Hero Workout Covers it.

Honestly I don’t get really excited over many programs these days, I have seen so many things in my last 15 years but I really love what Roman has done here, he has put the fun back into program design and really come up with something cool & awesome and let’s not forget the programs and info are SOLID.

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Highly recommend you check it out, I can guarantee that you will LOVE The Super Hero Workout.

To get more info on The Super Hero Workout or to grab a copy head over to Roman’s site at

I hope you enjoy the Super Hero Workout.

(Just got this email update from Roman)

===> SUPER HERO Workout now on sale <—- Burn fat, then build muscle, in just 12 weeks.

Q: What if I just want to burn fat? Or just want muscle?

A: Well, if that’s the case, I’ve got ya covered.  At the end of the
book, I lay out, in complete detail, how to modify the program
for ANY goal.

If you want just fat loss, there’s a fat loss program.

There are programs for muscle building, athletics, strength, and
even one just for women.

Whatever you need, you’re taken care of.

===> SUPER HERO Workout now on sale <—- The seasons hottest program, usable for ANY goal

Q:  What kind of equipment do I need for the SUPER HERO Workout?
Do I need to belong to a gym or use fancy equipment?

A: All you need is a set of dumbbells.  Now, I would PREFER if
you had a single barbell in addition to that, but it’s not necessary.
(just replace barbell exercises with DB ones).

That being the case, you DO NOT need a gym!

===> SUPER HERO Workout now on sale<—- become a SUPER HERO anywhere

Q: Is the SUPER HERO Workout just for guys? As a woman,
I don’t want to build big muscles!

A: Ah, ladies–don’t you worry =)  You see, I have a specific plan JUST
for women that comes WITH the program.  You can do certain parts of
SHW as written, and then replace others with the Female Super Hero
Training workouts.

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These workouts are awesome, and co-written with female fitness
phenom Flavia Del Monte.  You’re going to LOVE them.

===> SUPER HERO Workout now on sale <—- Ladies, time to become your OWN Hero

Q: Can this program REALLY help me build a body like the people

who play Super Heroes (and Super Heroines) in the movies?

A: GREAT question–and the answer is yes!  You see, my co-author Matt
and I have both worked with a number of Hollywood and stage actors,
as well as models.

We’ve literally gotten them into shape for roles in actual Super Hero movies.

So when we tell you that these are workouts used to become a Super Hero…
that’s quite literally what we mean.

Which is why we know that when you pick up the program and execute it
as written, you’re going to build a body that could quite literally grace the
silver screen.

===> SUPER HERO Workout now on sale <—- The best, fastest and most effective way to build a “Hollywood” body

Q: How much does it cost?

A: That’s the BEST part.  When you pick up the SUPER HERO Workout this
week, as part of the launch celebration, you’ll grab it for over 30% off!

This deal will ONLY be available until Friday at midnight, so don’t hesitate!

Remember–heroes are ACTION TAKERS.

Hope you enjoy this info on The Super Hero Workout!


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