Tuesday June 16

Tuesday June 16

Feel pretty good so far today. Was a bit tired when i got up but nothing that some strong perked coffee couldn’t fix.

Training :

Did weights at 845 am with Jim this morning. Workout consisted of
-Jumping chin ups. 5 sets (3 sets with 40lb weighted vest). 5 reps per set. fast up, 5 second negative.
-Horizontal Pull Ups 3 sets of 5 reps with weighted vest, 2 sets just bodyweight. Same temp 5-0-X
-Finished with a cable pull/row circuit with hammer curls. 3 exercises in a row. 12 reps each, no rest, 3 sets.

My goal with weights is to just maintain some strength and get the extra workouts in. Soon will be making the weight workouts a bit faster paced as i need to drop weight and improve cardio.

9-1030 Kickboxing class.  Worked a lot on kicking, bag work, inside fighting.  Was a great class.

10-11 30 Min eleptical.  Need to burn some extra calories and get the metabolism going.  Not doing it for cardio, doing it more just to burn calories.

Nutrition & Supplements :

Overall was another good day of clean eating.  Kept the carbs pretty low.  Good protein, lots of salads and protein shakes.  I can go into more detail on my diet plans but saving that for later in case i find it hard to drop weight then ill start changing stuff around.

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Overall Day :

I got a pic taken this AM.  Pics don’t lie. If you ever want to see “If” your in shape, take a pic and have a good look at it!

This pic has taught me that i need 10lbs of fat off my waist ASAP.  I am 190 and need to get in fat loss mode big time now.

With this blog I plan on adding some video clips of training.  Weights, MMA, Drills, just to show what is involved.  It is a lot different than what I am used to with bodybuilding & powerlifting training.

Me at 190 June 16

Just getting ready to hit the sack now.  1230 and hoping to get some sleep.  I find it a lot harder to sleep now that I am training a lot. You would think it would be the opposite effect.

What I learned today? : That i need to get lean…fast..like yesterday fast…

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