Why Randy Couture Is My Hero (And I Just Met Him!)

Why Randy Couture Is My Hero (And I Just Met Him!)

So I am here in  Las Vegas for some fitness seminars and I was lucky enough yesterday to train at Xtreme Couture MMA Gym here yesterday (Blog Post coming on this later).

Our workout got a LOT better when Randy Couture came in to train!  I got my picture with him (which essential made my trip in itself).

But what was cool was I got to watch Randy & his MMA Fighters Train!

What was even COOLER was that Randy was in training with his younger fighters but what hit me this guy is like 46 years old and he is in training with his fighters just like any other guy working out.  At that moment he wasn’t “Randy Couture” he was just a fighter training like everyone else!

This guy is 46 years old, world champion, successful business owner, coach, father, philantropist but ya know what, he is just an average guy with above average focus & determination!

I was watching Randy train and all i could think of was all the reasons that I skip workouts, or don’t eat clean, or say I am too busy with work and here is RANDY COUTURE training just like a normal guy!  Just like you and me!  He doesn’t make excuses!  He just gets SH!T DONE!

What makes Randy Couture  is his determination and mindset!  He is nick named “Captain America” for a reason!

It was amazing to see his focus when he trained as he was ALL BUSINESS!

The next time I think of skipping a workout because I’m too busy, or because of some other reason (Excuse) I am going to think of Randy Couture training with his fight team getting a workout just like you and me do every day!

Randy Couture Is Now My Hero!

Who is Yours & Why?

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  • Rob – The blog looks great! I just flew in a couple hours ago. I’m looking forward to seeing you in the morning, man!

  • kyle stapleton

    sweet man, your so lucky to meet him, hes a kool dude, he could be a idol for his effort. i like that he gets sh1t done, i agree with to quit doesnt exist, thats why i got it tattoo on me.

  • Branch Warren is my training idol and hero because of the extreme intensity of his routine and workout! The shear strength and determination is key with me and my clients!

  • Rob King

    Awesome! We had Branch Warren to my bodybuilding show back in Newfoundland last year! Great Guy Check it out


  • Gord Healey

    Great stuff Rob!!! couture is a machine and I can’t wait to see what experience you bring back home from there, Can’t wait to start the warrior challenge with you and Andy, cheers

  • Jay Park

    this website showed on facebook. i love this website. love your blogs! brutal 100% honesty. i recently got ripped off from GNC… not happy. but now i shop at vitamin shoppe, so its good now. again, good blog, and this is an awesome website!

  • Rob King


    Thanks for the kind words man! Appreciate it!