Shocking Results

Shocking Results

Guest Blog Post By Randy Head.

Randy has been a long time friend and customer.  With over 30 years in the trenches of the weight room he has learned a thing or two.  When Randy speaks, I listen.  You should as well.  Here is a great blog post from him.  I look forward to more from him in the future.

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Thirty years ago I cut my “weightlifting teeth” on traditional workout splits: chest and back on Monday, shoulders and arms on Wednesday and legs on Friday.  You get the picture!  The rep range and number of exercises per body part were always the same.  And, “tempo”, well that was just something to do with the beat of a song on the radio.

During my early twenties, 3-4 exercises per body part and 6-8 reps worked very well for me.  I was as “strong as an ox”, and looked like one too.  My anatomy professor, a MUN wrestling coach, approached me several times to join the team.  Moreover a gym owner, who was highly trained in the field of fitness for the time, wanted to train and sponsor me for a national strongman competition.  Being insecure, I declined both offers.  Today, I often reflect on those decisions.  However, my greatest interest was bodybuilding.  During those pre-internet days I read everything I could get my hands on.  I also attended a show at the Holy Heart Theater to watch Tony Angel and others grace the stage.

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As I approached my mid-thirties I was burnt out.  Traditional training techniques were no longer working for me. Therefore, to invigorate my training I entered my first bodybuilding competition at age 36.   A big chest, decent arms, wide back, mediocre legs and “shaddy” abs did not attract the eyes of many judges in 2002.  I remember debating in my mind whether or not I would return for the night show ….. I decided I would do it for my two children who would be in the audience.  After all, it would be my last show!

Shortly thereafter, I was approached by several hockey parents to help their sons prepare for upcoming junior hockey camps.   I would often train with them several times per day and most often it involved full body workouts.  I consumed myself researching various training methods including Charles Staley’s Escalating Density Training.  My body composition changed dramatically as I manipulated the time between sets and the number of sets and reps within a given time frame.  As a result, I gained muscle, became much leaner, more vascular and substantially improved my conditioning.   I used variations of this training to compete for the second time in 2006.  It enabled me to win the Masters Division at the Heavyweights Classic.

This past year I competed for the third time in The Newfoundland and Labrador Body Building Show.   I have been asked by many individuals, including judges, how I presented such a lean package at age 44.  Ironically, my training consisted of both the old and the new.  For the first 4-6 weeks, I returned to the more traditional splits. However, the last 10 weeks I used timed sets for the full body.  I am currently using a very similar approach to “get ripped” for the Natural Nationals in April in Laval, Quebec.  It has worked well for me and perhaps it can for you…. Be careful you may get SHOCKING RESULTS!

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  • 45 seconds between supersets
  • Various tempos can be used
  • You may feel a bit nauseated during the first couple of workouts…  Your conditioning will improve quickly though
  • Don’t go too heavy at first.   You will be surprised how your weights will increase in a short time frame.
  • I know, it is a lot of sets…but it works.

DUMBELL CHEST PRESS   superset with DECLINE PUSHUP (warm up plus 5sets)

CLOSE GRIP PULL DOWN superset with ONE ARM DUNBELL ROWS (warm up plus 5sets)

TRICEP PRESS DOWN superset with BARBELL CURL (warm up plus 5sets)

LEG EXTENSION superset with LEG CURL (warm up plus 5sets)

MILITARY PRESS superset with REAR DELT FLYE (warm up plus 5sets)

This simple combination can be adapted in numerous ways…..  stay tuned and stay toned!!!!

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