4 Hip Mobility Exercises

4 Hip Mobility Exercises

Hip Mobility Exercises

For many years while powerlifting and bodybuilding I trained every single muscle I could to build muscle and get stronger.

I paid attention to my quads, my hamstrings, my lower back, my upper back, my lats, you name it I trained it.

However there were two things I really neglected that I pay much more attention to now and that is training my hips and training my glutes.

When it comes to being STRONG the hip/glutes are the true power source.

The issue with using your hips is a lot of time you can’t use your hips because you lack the mobility in your hips to have them work.

By foam rolling and adding in Hip Mobility Exercises you can improve hip power, range of motion, reduce back pain and of course lift HeavyWeights.

Try these 4 Hip Mobility exercises.  These can be done before any workout and if your hips are stiff they can be done numerous times throughout the day to make you feel better and move better.

For some great resources on hip mobility exercises I recommend :

=> Becoming A Supple Leopard

=> Hip Flexibility Solution

4 Hip Mobility Exercises

1. Hip Circles

Key Points on Hip Mobility Circles

=> Don’t move through your lower back

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=> Try to keep a neutral spine

=> Work both forward and back circle motions


2. Hip Rockers

Key Points on Hip Rockers Tips

=> Avoid “Tuck Under” (Rounding of the lower back tucking up.

=> Move as deep as you can without pain, be sure you are using your hips

=> Try to find a “grove” that feels good

=> Try to keep a neutral spine


3. Prying Goblet Squats

Key Points On Prying Goblet Squat

=> Don’t lean forward, keep good upright posture with neutral spine

=> Try to rock back and worth side to side to get hips moving

=> Keep a good brace in your core

=> Wear minimal shoes or flat shoes or go barefoot,  avoid sneakers and runners


4. TRX Hip Mobility Squats

TRX Mobility Squat Tips

=> Sit your bum down and let your hips do the work

=> Don’t lean forward

=> Use the TRX straps as a counter balance to allow you to sit deeper

=> Keep neutral spine and good posture.

I hope these tips and videos help you  Keep in mind this is just four exercises, there are some great programs and books out there I recommend on HipMobilityExerciseship mobility be sure to check them out.

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For some great resources on hip mobility I recommend

=> Becoming A Supple Leopard

=> Hip Flexibility Solution

Be sure to work on hip mobility exercises daily to reduce back pain, improve joint mobility and health, and of course to lift Heavy Weights.

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