My Back Injury & Recovery Dr. Stu McGill Article – Okinawan Strength: Developing the “Iron Body”

My Back Injury & Recovery Dr. Stu McGill Article – Okinawan Strength: Developing the “Iron Body”

Many years ago I hurt my back doing a  500 lb Sumo deadlift (which I never got and it crippled me).

After years of being in pain, of taking pain medications, trying countless doctors, and professionals I was still in pain and I had pretty much given up.

I finally had an MRI done and I was told that I had 3 bulging discs, 1 herniated disc (L4/L5) and degenerative discs.

I couldn’t train, I was always in pain, I was depressed and I saw no end in sight.

If you have a back injury then you know how horrible a feeling this is.

I then heard of a guy by the name of Stuart McGill and that he was the best of the best with lower back pain and injuries.

From there I started to read everything I could by “Stu” and decided that to really learn and improve I needed to meet him and attend a workshop.

I booked a two day workshop in Arizona with Stu on Lower Back & Spine Pain and it was a LIFE CHANGING weekend of knowledge and results.


From there I started to learn from the best in the fitness and strength industry about improving back injuries, getting stronger and healthier.

If it wasn’t for Stu I would more than likely still be a cripple hurting all the time and not be able to train.

In June at the IPF Worlds In South Africa I came back to crush that 500 lb deadlift that broke me many years ago.



The following year at Worlds again in Finland I came 3rd overall and won a bronze medal in deadlifts and set a CommonWealth Deadlift Record of 252.5 kg (557 lbs).  None of this would be possible without the help of Stu McGill.







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THANK YOU Stu McGill for all you do.

Stu featured my story in his article on “Okinawan Strength: Developing the “Iron Body” You can read the article here =>

It’s an amazing article from an amazing man.

Thank you again Stu, I am very grateful for all your information and help.  At 41 with a back injury I have never been healthier or stronger than I am RIGHT NOW.

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 5.17.51 PM

Be sure to check out Stu’s new book Back Mechanic.










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