3 Tips To Immediately Increase Your Bench Press

3 Tips To Immediately Increase Your Bench Press

3 Tips To Immediately Increase Your Bench Press


1. Get A Good Spotter/Training Partner

Bottom line the person who is handing you the weight and who is spotting you is going to make a HUGE difference in your strength and reps.

Think about it, if you don’t have a spotter are you going to go as hard as possible? If your spotter sucks are you getting the best set possible?

Having a good spotter and or training partner is KEY in getting stronger and having confidence in your bench press.



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2. Set Up

Make sure you set up your bench press.

Don’t just grab the bar and start flopping around like a fish out of water.

Plant your feet, get your upper back tight, pull the bar apart, white knuckle the bar and create some serious tension.

Kicking your leg like you are having a seizure will not help you get extra reps.

Learning to get tight, create tension and having a strong set up is key in having a good bench press.



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3. Breathing

If there is anything that is a quick fix for immediate strength gains in training it’s learning how to breath…or even better when NOT to breath.

When you get your lift off take a big “chest breath” and make your rib cage and lats as big as possible. Just think of your upper body becoming like a big hot air balloon and you want to expand as big as possible.

This will create tension and also expand your upper body and make it much better when you bench press.

You can immediately get stronger once your learn how to breath better on your bench press.

Get a bar, get some plates, get a training partner and get after it.


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