Bench Blockz – Rob’s Review

Bench Blockz – Rob’s Review

Bench Blockz – Rob’s Review

I love to bench press but out of all 3 of the PowreLift’s the Bench Press has become my weak link.
My bench has been stuck and a big reason for this is because of “sticking points” in my bench press, which for me is mid range and top range.  I am strong off the chest but once I hit that mid range and lock out area I am not strong.
I reached out to the guys at Bench Blockz after I saw them on Facebook and decided it was time to bring up my weak link and improve my bench.  You are only as strong as your weakest link so a few weeks ago I started adding partial rep training with Bench Blockz and so far I am loving the training and the results.
Check out my video review of Bench Blockz below.




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