3 Big Differences Between Body Building & Power Lifting

3 Big Differences Between Body Building & Power Lifting

3 Big Differences Between Body Building & Power Lifting


For the last 4 weeks I have changed training and competition modes and decided to get back on the BodyBuilding stage at 41 years old.

Before I did this I trained hard for PowerLifting Nationals, then 4 weeks after Nationals was PowerLifting Worlds in Finland.

It’s safe to say the last two years of my life have been pretty much focused on PowerLifting.

 I love lifting HeavyWeights and I love getting stronger. However I set a goal to get back on the bodybuilding stage and in less than one week I take to the UFE Natural Stage and throw on a tiny “banana hammock” and strut my stuff.

 I am far more stressed out for this than I am any PowerLifting meet.

 When it comes to BodyBuilding and PowerLifting there are some similarities but a LOT of differences.


1, Body Building Is All About HOW You Look

 At no point during a bodybuilding competition will the judges say “man that guy is strong”. It doesn’t matter. All that matters is how you look PERIOD.

Yes if you train hard and heavy you get a harder denser look that comes with lifting HeavyWeights and paying your dues in the gym, but the bottom line is you are judged by how you look.

Every day I have spent time “assessing” my physique and it drives me kinda nuts. With lifting weights its simple. You make the lift or you don’t. But with BodyBuilding it’s constant assessment.

 “Am I lean enough, I need to get fuller, my legs are small, i need to get more of a pump, I am flat today” it’s a non stop critical assessment.

 There are many ways to get to the stage. Some people train hard, some train lighter, some do lots of steady state cardio, some don’t. But come the end of the day you get on stage and you are judged on how you look.


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2.Body Building is 24/7

 For PowerLifting competition the most important thing by far is the training. Those 2 hours that you lift and follow your program, hit your numbers, and lift weights are by far the most important.

 But when it comes to BodyBuilding it’s a 24/7 effort. Everything you do matters. Every meal adds up, the conditioning, the weight training, the rest, it ALL plays a role in looking your best for that day.

 When I was getting ready for the platform for PowerLifting my nutrition got tighter as the meet came closer. But for weeks before if I had a glass of wine or two no big deal. If I had a something not on my plan it’s not a big deal. The most important factor by far was the training.

 With BodyBuilding it’s a 24/7 thing. Between lifting weights, HIT cardio, steady state cardio, posing, meal prep (thank you Danielle), it’s non stop


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3. Nutrition Is The Biggest Factor

Right now nutrition more than anything plays the biggest role for me getting on stage for bodybuilding. To get as lean as possible nutrition is by far the biggest factor. I can workout for 3 hours twice a day but that won’t matter if I slammed back a large pizza and a coke (hmmmm pizza). When lifting weights and trying to get strong your nutrition matters yes, but not nearly as much as when you get on stage to show that you are lean and as muscular as possible.

 I believe in the 90% rule. Do things right 90% of the time and don’t sweat the other 10%. I am not one of these people that is 100% or nothing. I don’t want to be that person that goes out to dinner and brings a protein shake and salad. I allow for the 10% to keep sane and be normal. But I know that the 90% needs to be tight to get in shape.

 For BodyBuilding or fat loss period the #1 thing is nutrition. The training matters. I need my weights, I need my conditioning but without a doubt nutrition is the biggest factor, which in turn is the hardest factor.

 I look forward to standing on stage in 6 days and giving my best. My last two PowerLifting Competitions I gave my best now I look forward to hitting the bodybuilding stage and to show that lifting HeavyWeights does.


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