Interview With UFE President Sean Everingham

Interview With UFE President Sean Everingham

Sean Everingham is UFE President and the face of the UFE Fitness Organization.

The UFE is a fast growing fitness company with competitions all over the world.  In the last few years we have had a lot of our athletes compete in UFE shows.  With the UFE coming here next week I thought it would be a great time to connect with Sean and get to know a bit more about him, the UFE and his vision for the future of UFE.


Rob’s Interview With UFE President Sean Everingham


Sean thank you for taking the time to do this quick interview, I know your a busy guy as I have seen the growth and expansion of the UFE and it’ been amazing. Maybe you could tell us exactly what the UFE Is.

SE : The UFE is a fitness organization that focuses on drug free competitors.

Thanks Sean, so what is that really sets the UFE apart say from the traditional local competitions that each province and state has? What makes the UFE different and how would that appeal to anyone thinking about competing?

SE :I feel UFE stands out in several ways.  One of the main things I set out to do with UFE is take the production level of fitness competitions up a notch.  I would say that most of UFE’s shows are more highly produced than what you would see with other organizations.  After all, the stage is a culmination of a huge positive journey for our competitors and we want to showcase them in the best way possible.  I also am very confident that UFE has the highest caliber of competition you will find at a drug tested fitness competition. 

While our Open level shows are for competitors of all experience levels, we also feature an Elite and PRO level in which the competition gets significantly more intense so it’s a great platform for those who wish to test themselves against the best of the best.  Perhaps most importantly, our shows are known for the incredible backstage atmosphere and a positive environment where camaraderie and friendliness shine.  People have worked so hard for their moment on stage and have made so many sacrifices.  The show day should be a celebration of that hard work and a day to look back on with fond memories – that what I think we’re successful in creating for our competitors.


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I am pumped that the UFE is coming to St. John’s Newfoundland.  Why did you think St. John’s would be a place for  UFE show?  What was it that sparked your interest to have a show here?

SE : To be honest, Newfoundland was not necessarily part of our expansion plans – we just knew that we needed to have a show in Eastern Canada.  However, we’ve had so many competitors from Newfoundland join us at our shows and we’ve received so much positive and friendly feedback from them that the decision to make NL our Eastern hub became clear.  The more we’ve learned about NL and the competitors here, the more excited we’ve become to host a show here.



What is coming up after the UFE show in St. John’s that is big for the UFE?  I know Mayhem is a huge event for UFE.  What else is on the radar for you guys?

SE : Yes, UFE Halloween Mayhem is an incredible show.  It was the first fitness competition in the world to bring Halloween into a fitness competition.  We’ve since seen many organizations trying to mimic the concept so now we’ve taken things to a whole new level by making it the first  fitness event in the world to be hosted in 2 cities at the same time and have each city interact with each other during the’s going to be incredible! 

For the NL competitors who qualify for our Elite level and have a chance to compete at the UFE World Championships, they are also going to be pumped for the UFE World Championships.  As it has been in the past, it will be streamed live around the world via PPV webcast and will be held in one of Canada’s most prestigious venues inside the CBC building.  What’s new this year is that it will be hosted in conjunction with the Natural Fitness Summit which will be a HUGE event.


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Where do you see the UFE in say 5 years from now? 

SE : UFE stands for Ultimate Fitness Events.  While we have been focusing on strictly fitness and bodybuilding shows to date, we see ourselves foraying into more fitness related events in order to keep our competitors engaged with us no matter what stage of their training they are in.  Many of our competitors peak for shows, but don’t necessarily want to peak very often because, to be honest, it’s f’ing tough!  We want to offer other challenging events that our competitors can take part in during their “off-season.”  We also plan to expand our events around the world even more and are looking at the possibility of a print magazine very soon!


Thank you Sean for taking the time to do this interview.  Keep up the great work with UFE and your athletes.

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Sean & Rob Having a Posedown at a UFE Event


Get connected with the UFE on the UFE Facebook Page & The UFE Homepage

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