Push Pull Circuit

Push Pull Circuit

Well after getting over some bad bad injuries I am slowly starting to lift a little heavier again and I am doing a Push Pull Circuit.  Boy this makes me happy :).

It has been a few years since I have lifted “Heavy”, so now I am happy to slowly be getting back into the swing of weights again on a consistent basis.

I am a big fan of training opposing muscle groups.

For example I like to train muscles together like this, Chest & Back, or Biceps & Triceps.  Essentially training antagonistic muscles is very beneficial.

What that basically means is if you are training Chest your back nuscles, or the muscles required to do the OPPOSITE are good to train together.

So if you look at this push pull circuit I am doing a close grip Fat Gripz Bench Press, followed by TRX Close Grip pull ups.  They are essentially the same exercise in reverse.

It’s a great way to stay strong, improve pump, and just get a damn good workout!  

Generally for building muscle I would go longer rest period between sets rather than one exercise right after each other.

Essentially you do a set of exercises together a push pull circuit.  So a benchpress (Push) and a horizontal press (Pull)

For Muscle Building

Fat Gripz Bench Press 5 Sets – 5-10 Reps, 3 – 0 – X Tempo
Rest 1:30

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TRX Horiztonal Pull Ups  5 Sets 5-10 Reps 3 – 0 – X Tempo
(Or use a smith machine as an alternative if you dont have TRX Straps)

For Fat Loss

Fat Gripz Bench Press 5 Sets – 8-12 Reps, 2 – 0 – X Tempo
Rest 1:30

TRX Horizontal Pull Ups  5 Sets 8-12  Reps 2-0-X Tempo
(Or use a smith machine as an alternative if you don’t have TRX Straps)

Give this push & pull circuit a try, I will post more of them soon.

If you have any favorite push pull circuits leave me a comment with them below.

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