How To Sissy Squat

How To Sissy Squat

How To Sissy Squat

One of the best leg exercises you are not doing is a Sissy Squat.

Don’t let the name fool you, this type of squat might have a funny name and look easy, I can assure you that once you get the sissy squat done right it will leave you begging for mercy.

The sissy squat is a forgotten leg exercises from many years ago and has been around since the 1960’s.

It was popularized by the leg monster himself Tom Platz and many others from “back in the day” with insane leg & quad development.


Now before we move forward like ANY exercise the sissy squat can be good for your knees or bad for your knees.  Like a squat it’s all in how you DO the exercise that makes it safe.

How To Sissy Squat Steps

Step 1. Take a shoulder width stance with your toes slightly pointed out. With one hand or both take hold of something that you can hold on in front of you or to the side of you.  This will be used for balance.

Step 2. As you lower like you would a squat except keep your hips high and push your knees forward while staying on your toes.

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Step 3. Let your body fall back as much as possible.

Step 4. With your knees far in front of you and on your toes try to stand up, but do this keep your hips high.  This will target the front part of your quads.

Step 5. When standing back up squeeze your legs as hard as possible.

Step 6. Stretch at the bottom of every rep for 1 second at least.

For an advanced version use a weight vest, dumbells or weighted plates for more resistance.

Sissy Squat Start

Sissy Squat Start

Sissy Squat Finish

Sissy Squat Finish

Don’t let this exercise fool you.  Even though it may look like my weak attempt at pole dancing this is one of the best exercises for your quads and if your legs growth is stuck try adding this to your program.

Caution: This exercise is to be avoided if you suffer from knee problems as it can stress the knee. Also, make sure that there is nothing behind you; as in the case that you lose your balance and fall, that way nothing will hit you on the head causing an injury.

How To Sissy Squat Video


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