20 Rep “Breathing Squats”

20 Rep “Breathing Squats”

20 Rep Breathing Squats


If you are looking for something to take your leg development, conditioning and mental toughness to another level then you need to add 20 Rep Breathing Squats to your workout.

I had one of my students who is training for her next UFE show do this the other day and this one set was a workout in itself

The concept is simple.

Find a weight that is challenging for you for a set of 20 reps on squats.

The key word is “challenging”.

The goal is to pick something you could get a set of 10 reps with, and then hit a set of 20 reps instead.she-squats-bro

There is a technique to this, but let me be clear, all the technique in the world won’t get you through this set.  You need guts, determination and a little bit of craziness as well.

But in the end it will be worth it.

Here is how you hit 20 rep breathing squats.

After you have warmed up pick a weight that you can get for 10 reps.  On the 10th rep you should be close to failure, but NOT fail.  If you can’t get that 10th rep on your own then you chose too much weight.

The goal is to hit 10 reps in a row without resting, this is key.  Slam out 10 hard fast reps that you can do on your own.

Then the fun begins.

After these 10 reps your goal is simple.

Hit 10 SINGLE reps.

Notice how I said single reps, your goal isn’t a set of 10, your goal is ten singles.

Let me explain.

At that weight after you hit the 10th rep you want to rest at the top and “re-breath”.

You will take a moment at the top if your squat position, take your big air, brace your core and lats and hit 1 rep.

After you this rep at the top you will rest again and repeat.

You will do this for 10 single reps.

Every rep you rest at the top, re-breath, lock and squat.


Important Notes Before You Begin 20 Rep Breathing Squats

  • Have a spotter behind you46-arnold-schwarzenegger-leg-squat
  • Have safety’s set up
  • Or have both
  • Keep a bucket close
  • Have something to sit down on as soon as your set is done
  • If you see god (and you just might) tell him Coach Rob says hi


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Breathing squats or high rep squat programs are not new, they have been around for a long time.  For some other great reads on high rep squats check out THIS article on T-Nation, THIS Article on DaveDraper.com and Mass Made Simple from my friend Dan John.

Breathing Squats – Get Started

Get a squat rack, get a crazy friend, get some weight on the bar, and start counting!


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