Erikka Kimberly Transformation

Erikka Kimberly Transformation

Before Heavyweights I was your typical athlete.

Soccer player, track athlete, pretty much any offer to play a sport I was there ready to go!

Then I found excuses. I stopped going to practice, stopped trying out for teams saying was “too busy”. I gave up what I loved most for what? Apparently it was all for an extra 40 lbs on my mid section. Then one day I said F this and joined Heavyweights!

Best decision ever.

Brought my best friend (who is also a heavyweights superstar!) and we worked our butts off. We met a lot of like minded people. People who didn’t come here to half ass it, rather came to get their ass handed to them. Which was a breathe of fresh air. I went a different route with my goals, I wasn’t bothered by the number on the scale I was bothered by the number on the bar! I just kept pushing myself to lift heavy and sweat my ass off and the rest just fell in place! It also help have a coach look at you and say “go get something heavier, that is way to light”.

Heavyweight reminded me why I was an athlete in the first place.

They gave me back the best feeling in the world, which to me in being my best and beating it!

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My transformation is still in progress I have blown my goals out of the water and they keep getting higher and higher!

If I can inspire one other person to not give up, and not worry about the scale then I will have reached another goal of my mine, which is to work so hard with my own training and have a person say “because of you I didn’t give up”. Don’t give up and when you are in a slump get you gym partner and go anyways you won’t regret it!

Thanks everyone for being so awesome you inspire me everyday when you add that extra 5 lbs on you pb!



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