Cooking Meals On Sundays

Cooking Meals On Sundays

I just started another 42 day (6 week) program yesterday.

My goals are to build some muscle (3-5 lbs) and lower the bodyfat just a little bit.  I haven’t focused on building muscle in a while so this is gonna be fun!

One of the biggest factors in building muscle (and losing fat) is planning your meals.  I can’t stress to you just how important this really is.

Pretty much if you are not making gains and you are training 4 days a week more than likely your Nutrition needs work.

Let me say that again…

“If you are training 4 days a week or more and you are NOT making progress your Nutrition more than likely sucks!”

So today (Sunday), is “prep day” for me (well more like for Danielle as I hate cooking lol).

So today Danielle has cooked up a feed of food AND healthy “Snacks”.

Today’s agenda

If you are looking to really improve your training results AND your health check out Anabolic Cooking from my French Buddy Dave Ruel.

Dave also has another book coming out in like 3 weeks called “Metabolic Cooking” I can’t WAIT for this to be released.  I have a version Dave sent me for review so keep an eye for a review on my blog soon!

If you really want to focus in and get the BEST results possible combine my Muscle Building Nutrtion Book & Dave Ruel’s Anabolic Cooking and you have a KILLER COMBO!

Hope this helps you and trust me these are 2 great resources that can really help you!

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