2014 Year In Review

2014 Year In Review

I saw on Facebook my “Year In Review” and while I thought it was pretty cool it didn’t really reflect that year I had or the highlights of my year.

I can honestly say that this was one of the hardest years of my life and yet one of the best years of my life.

To quote Dickens “It Was The Best Of Times, It Was The Worst Of Times“.

But I am a big believer that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and to also be grateful for struggle.

This year I have had to overcome some big struggles but in my head I always just think of these words from Rocky, “Keep Moving Forward”.

Overall it has been an incredible year and I am very grateful for everything.  If I was to go back and try to dream up some of the amazing things that have happened to me this year there is no way I could have ever seen these things happening.

One of our mottos at HeavyWeights Training Center is “Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable”, I can honestly say this year I gave my business, my coaching, my training, and my life the BEST I could give.


Highlights Of 2014


1. Winning 2014 PT Power Trainer Of The Year

Many years ago it was a dream of mine to just go to California.

I never thought I would go there.  It was just a dream of mine.

Fast forward a few years later and I had been to California and so much more.

One of the best experiences of 2014, and my life was winning  2014PT Power Personal Trainer Of The Year.

Bedros & Craig have had a huge influence on me, my business and my life in general.  I can’t thank these guys enough, and I know a lot of people that feel the same way I do.

To win Trainer Of The Year was a dream come true for.

What made it even sweeter was that I got to hang out with a few close friends from Team HeavyWeights (Josh, Ashley, Steph & Sheena) and also go to hang out with my good friend Martin Rooney and the TFW Crew (Tom, Luka and more).

A few days after this I got to live another big dream and speak at “Changing The Game” in Las Vegas, sharing the stage with Martin Rooney, Dan John, Roman and many others that I really respect and look up to. Even sweeter it was my birthday weekend and I got to share it with Danielle and we got to shoot some big guns!


2. Becoming National Champion PowerLIfter at the 2014 CPU Nationals in St. Catherine’s Ontario

I never thought I would compete in PowerLifting ever again after hurting my back years ago.

The thought of competing in PowerLifting was impossible, qualiying for Nationals wasn’t even on my mind when I competed at the 2013 NL Provincials.  I was just happy to be back on the platform again.
After that meet I found out I qualfied for the 2014 Nationals. I didn;t think I was ready, but another chance to compete and lift is a great oppurtunity.  As well we had a team from HeavyWeights competing.  Having a Team HeavyWeights competitive PoweLlifting team compete at Nationals is another dream come true for me.

We headed to Nationals and it ended up being a great day week for Team HeavyWeights and it was a great day for me on the platform.

I walked away as the M1 83 KG National Champion and there is no way I could ever have thought it would be possible five years ago.

I went 6/9 in my lifts and improved since the 2013 Provincials.  As long as every time I compete my numbers improve I am very happy.

“Leave it on the platfrom” is somethjing I say to my students and that day I gave it my absolute best.

Thanks to Kevin & Danielle for your coaching and support, I couldn’t have done it without you both.







3. Competing for Team Canada PowerLifting in South Africa

I never could have dreamed that I would ever compete for Team Canada at the IPF Worlds in South Africa, NEVER.

After competing in the Nationals and winning I got accepted to compete for Team Canada.  This was something that I never thought would happen.  I thought my PowerLifting competition days were done and behind me.

I am beyond grateful to many people that helped me overcome my back injury and get back to lifting and competing.

A big thank you goes out to T-Nation.com, Dean Somerset, Bret Contreras, Stu McGill, Dan John and many other amazing coaches and professionals I have had the pleasure of meeting and learning from.

Stay positive, dream big because you NEVER know what is possible.

Along with competing in South Africa I pulled a 500 lb. Deadlift on the platform at worlds,  This was the exact same weight that injured my back way back in 2000.  I haven’t powerlifted for 10 years because of that injury and to come back and hit that weight after it broke me was an incredible feeling.




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