Gold’s Gym Venice Beach Experience

Gold’s Gym Venice Beach Experience

My Gold’s Gym Venice Beach Experience

Let me start by saying that going to Gold’s Gym Venice Beach was one of the coolest experiences of my life!

I was in California a few weeks ago on Business and decided to stay an extra day to check out “The Mecca Of BodyBuilding – Gold’s Gym Venice Beach”.

WOW What an experience!

It was far beyond what I expected and more!!  I don’t even know where to begin.

So I got up early on monday morning to hit Gold’s Gym Venice Beach AKA “The Mecca Of Bodybuilding”.  It was within walking distance from our hotel.  So we packed our bags, slammed back some Decimate Pre Workout and headed to Golds Gym Venice Beach.

Not being too familiar with Venice Beach area I wondered if we were in the right area. I am now known for being very good with directions or maps so getting lost was a very good possibility :).  However as we approached the gym (thank you Iphone and Maps) my heart started to beat a little faster.

In the middle of almost nowhere was “The Mecca Of BodyBuilding – Golds Gym Venice Beach”.  Simply amazing!  My heart raced, I was 16 once again reading about the old school pros, Arnold, Franco, Draper, Zane, are just a few names to go through my brain at a mile a minute!  Just walking up was a rush of excitement (and we haven’t even entered the Gym yet!)

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Upon entering the gym I couldn’t believe how packed it was!  We went there on a Monday morning thinking it would be at least half empty, boy was i wromg!  The place was packed and filled with insane energy!  I haven’t focused much on BodyBuilding workouts recently but just being in that gym made me want to “get my pump on!”  It wast just me feeling this way, my friend andy even said “Man what a place to train for a show!”  I couldn’t agree more!!

I proceeded to hit a nice little upper body pump workout.

At first I was fixated only on the main room filled with numerous pics of all shapes and sizes.  Everywhere you turned you were reminded of the past of BodyBuilding and why Gold’s Gym Venice Beach IS the Mecca Of BodyBuilding.  It was incredible!

We started our workout and about 2 minutes in noticed the one and only Charles Glass training a client.  Charles is kinda known as “The Trainer” when it comes to BodyBuilding.  Mental note, must get picture with Charles Glass!!

Progressing through our workout just hitting a variety of exercises and machines, no structure, no plan, just going around and having a blast!  One thing that surprised me was how huge the gym is!  The place is monsterous and every room was busy and full of energy!  For a Monday morning I couldn’t believe it.

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Does no one work day jobs in Venice Beach?  I Guess Not 🙂  Just another reason that I love California.

It was the first workout in a LONG TIME that I didn’t feel rushed or on the clock.  Most workouts I have a deadline, usually 30-40 minutes and I am done, back to working, but today I had NO thoughts of work or anywhere else I would have rather been, I was IN the MOMENT and I was loving it!

I won’t go into specifics of our workout, that’s not important.  What is important is the VIBE & ENERGY of this place, I can’t describe it here, just amazing.  It made me want to bodybuilding again, and I haven’t wanted to bodybuilding in a long long time….

Andy and were starting to wind down our awesome workout when i made the decision to hit Charles Glass for that picture.  He was training a client and I hate to bother trainers, but hey, its Charles Glass!

So I approached him that we were 2 HUGE Fan’s from Newfoundland Canada and asked him for a brief picture (hey the man is workin!), he was totally cool with it and this was one of the highlights of my trip!  If you don’t know who Charles Glass is I suggest you go google it right now and pay homage to the man!  He is awesome!

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So I finished the workout, enjoyed the atmosphere of the Gold’s Gym, took a deep breath and planned our next attack.


If you aren’t familiar with the Fire House Restaurant Google it.  It is a pillar in the BodyBuilding Community In Vemice Beach.  It’s and old style FIre Fighting Restaurant which has a nice catering to Body Builders (Check the menu).

I polished off a huge feed consisting of Pancakes, Egg Whites & Orange Juice! Simply Amazing!

Now I know why this place is so popular, it’s awesome!  This is a MUST if your in Venice Beach.


Workout  – DONE

Post Workout Nutrition –  DONE

Time to relax and enjoy one of the coolest experiences of my life!

If you have any sort of Bucket List or anything put this place on YOUR LIST!!!

As well I posted a ton more pics on my Facebook Profile, feel free to add me and check them out.

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  • Nice! Definitely one of the places I want to visit if I can get out to Cali.

  • Riaz

    Rob, If you are not body-building, Then what sort of workouts do you do, now?

  • todd sears

    kool stuff rob you have come alog way from yrs ago when i watched you grow up as a kid, your doing a great job, videos are getting better and better as well as the knowledge you share.. pretty kool meeting charles glass..a true legend.. had a lot of his well i used to get aloan of the books from art and george your brothers..keep up the great work info and videos… cheers todd

  • Justin Bagg

    Hey Rob, I share your excitement would love to visit the Gold’s Gym…I could only imagine the vibe you felt being there. And meeting Charles glass as well amazing!! And we need to get some restaurants here in St. john’s with a body building menu.

  • Jeremy

    Well that settles it. Rob is going to have to open “Heavyweights Diner”!

    Awesome trip there Rob!

  • aw man, I wish I couldve went with you. Looks killer!

  • george

    hey rob, i was never at the mecca but i will visit this holly s….before i will die some day-:) i MUST see this legendary place!

    can you tell how many workout rooms the gym has?i mean such rooms as the main room, i mean not the rooms for courses and so.

    thank you!!!

  • Rob King

    Hey George

    Man, this may sound funny but I have a HUGE list of stuff I want to do! Almost like a bucket list, by writing stuff down it makes it “attainable”

    Golds was HUGE. I thik it had 4 main rooms, and an outdoor training area. Funny enough it didn’t look that big from outside, but inside was monsterous!

    Amazing place, my vids and pics do it NO justice!