Seattle Perform Better Seminar

Seattle Perform Better Seminar

Seattle Perform Better Seminar

It’s my first time in Seattle and I am loving it here so far!

I have Seminar Saturday which I am REALLY excited for on Saturday with some of the top trainers in the WORLD! Martin Rooney, Todd Durkin, Alwyn Cosgrove,Rachel Cosgrove. It should be fantastic and I can’t wait to give you a full blog review of it all on Sunday.  More on this in a minute.

I got into Seattle yesterday afternoon, let me tell ya that flying from Newfoundland to Seattle is a long ass flight.  Everytime I travel I dread it because the flights are so long, but once I do it I am always grateful.

Long Ass Flight!

I am really lucky as I get to see some old friends when I am here.  One of them actually started my business Heavyweights with me WAY back in the day when we were in University.  He went on to a successful carrer, I failed out of university and someone managed to keep Heavyweights going and turn it into a successful awesome business that I am proud of!

While here I got to check out Seattle’s Public Market & The Original Starbucks, which is totally cool because I am a huge starbucks fan both in terms of their coffee and their Business.  One more thing crossed off the bucket list 🙂

I am totally pumped for Saturdays Seminar.  Here is a quick list of all the information that I cant wait to get and post up for you to read.

If you want some good reading I suggest you check out these books from the presenters.  I own them ALL and for good reason, they are AWESOME!

Seminar Info

Martin Rooney, MHS, PT, CSCS

  • Director of Parisi Speed School National Franchise
  • Author of Training for Warriors, Train to Win, and the 15-Part Parisi DVD Series
  • Consultant to numerous Professional Teams and Division I Universities
  • Internationally renowned Trainer and therapist of multiple World Champions and Olympic Medalists
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Get Fast, Get Fit: Speed Training for Every Client
The human body was designed for speed, but many of us do not add this training modality into our sessions.  The lecture will simplify concepts of sprint technique, strength training and speed training protocols so that every trainer can deliver results like muscle gain, improved coordination and fat loss for any client.  The hands-on session will demonstrate Martin’s signature speed drills to fulfill any person’s need for speed.  This dynamic session is one you don’t want to miss.
(Fairlawn, Seattle)


Alwyn Cosgrove, CSCS

  • Owner of Results Fitness – named one of America’s top ten gyms by Mens Health magazine
  • Internationally recognized presenter and trainer
  • Co-founder of Results Fitness University – a fitness business and education company
  • Author of New Rules of Lifting, New Rules of Lifting for Women and the upcoming New Rules of Lifting for Abs
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with the National Strength and Conditioning Association
  • Consultant for Rodale Publications, Men’s Health magazine

The Complete Action Guide to Fat Loss Programming & Coaching
In today’s society, personal training clients want and expect great results.
However, in a time challenged society – it’s almost impossible to cover all the fitness needs of the client.  This seminar will cover exactly how to develop an individualized training program that will maximize client results in the least amount of time.  Alwyn will cover how to create and execute a specific fitness program, backed by the latest science and research.


Todd Durkin, MA, CSCS, NCTMB

  • Internationally recognized strength, speed & conditioning coach, personal trainer and motivational speaker
  • Author, The IMPACT! Body Plan
  • Produced 35 DVD’s and conducts motivational and educational workshops worldwide
  • Founder of Fitness Quest 10 (San Diego, CA), an 8,000 square foot “Top 10 Gym in US” featuring personal training, strength & conditioning, therapeutic massage & bodywork, Pilates, yoga, nutrition, chiropractic, and physical therapy
  • Conducts 3.5 Day Mentorships & on-going Mastermind Groups
  • Head, Under Armour Performance Training Council
  • B.S. Degree in Kinesiology and a M.A. degree in Biomechanics/Sports Medicine
  • 2005 ACE & 2004 IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year
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Creating Maximum I.M.P.A.C.T. in the Fitness Field

Are you ready to create the most successful year of your life?  Do you want to learn how to best deliver results to your clients?  Ready to be ignited with passion & energy to fuel your step into “World Class”?  Todd is going to share with you his business, training, & life systems that will help you create great success.  The lecture portion will be full of insight, lessons learned from the trenches, and best business practices that will include top marketing and profit-generating ideas.  The practical portion will be a first-hand look at how Todd creates a memorable experience for his fitness enthusiasts as well as pro athletes by combining his ever popular Boot Camp, metabolic circuits, sport drills and team-building practices into one big IMPACTFUL event.


Rachel Cosgrove, CSCS, CISSN

  • Co-owns and operates Results Fitness, a fitness center in Southern California for the past 11 years, voted one of the top ten gyms by Men’s Health Magazine.
  • Best selling author of The Female Body Breakthrough (Rodale, Nov. 2009)
  • Specializes in working with women to bring out their potential physically and mentally.
  • Lectures nationally and internationally on topics such as strength training, fat loss, nutrition and running a fitness business including a two day talk she and her husband do, From Counting Reps to Counting Revenue with Perform Better.
  • Has a website at
  • Has her own column in Women’s Health Magazine and has also been featured in More Magazine, Real Simple, Shape, Experience Life, Men’s Fitness, Women’s World, Oxygen, Muscle and Fitness Hers and Men’s Health magazines.
  • Has been featured on television on Fox, WGN and ABC.
  • A national level fitness competitor, power lifter and an Ironman triathlete
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Creating Breakthrough Results with your Female Clients
Rachel will reveal strategies to use with your female clients to help them make the breakthrough to achieve the body they have always dreamed of. Although she specializes in working with females, many of the strategies taught in this lecture and hands on will also be extremely effective with your male clients. You will learn how to help your clients overcome the psychological barriers to achieve more than they ever thought possible, how to create an environment that is supportive to their success and how to design programs to challenge them to get results.  Get real world coaching tools that are proven to work and ready to put to use with your clients (especially female) on Monday morning to instantly make you a more effective trainer.

So I plan to take a TON of pictures and videos and give you a solid blog review Sunday.

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