10 People I Would Love A Conversation With

10 People I Would Love A Conversation With

We are all impacted every day without realizing it.  

The news we watch (I don’t watch news BTW), the people we spend most of our time with, the books we read, the movies we watch, the people we work with, and so on.

However we all have certain people that have impacted us far more than others.  Musicians, writers, poets, athletes, we all have people that make us better versions of ourselves, that bring us happiness, that bring us creativity, that IMPACT us.

In my opinion good conversation is getting lost in life.  We are all too rushed, we are all too connected, we live via texting, email and social media. 

I miss conversation. 

I miss turning off the phones, turning off the clocks, and just talking.  

If I could have a conversation with anyone it would be the people below.

My conversation could be a coffee, a green tea, a beer, a red wine, each conversation & each personality could dictate it.

Here are the 10 people that I would love to have a conversation with.


1. Bruce Lee

Without a doubt Bruce Lee had the biggest impact on me as a person.

Bruce was light years ahead of his time. His knowledge of Physical Fitness, Marital Arts, Philosophy, Spirituality, Acting, Directing,  Poetry and more is just amazing. 

What makes it even more amazing was all this depth of knowledge and passion before the Internet generation.  When Bruce wanted to study something like Judo he had to GET BOOKS and read them.  He couldn’t just google something.  It involved a lot of work and energy.  These days most people are even too lazy to google something let alone go to the library and get a book.

Bruce combined Fitness, Philosophy and Martial Arts into SELF EXPRESSION.  Bruce Lee was the BEST version of himself and he was always expanding and learning more to become better.  As well Bruce was all about letting go and discarding what is not useful to him. 

I pretty much have every book on Bruce Lee I can find and will continue to read and invest on everything that relates to him.

I was privileged enough to visit Bruce Lee’s grave in Seattle last year and it was by far one of the coolest experiences of my life.

Visiting The Grave of Bruce Lee


2. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold is the man and has impacted me in more ways than I can ever understand.

From his motivation and drive to be THE BEST, to his ability to focus and do WHATEVER he wants in life.  Arnold has led an amazing life beyond which most of us can’t imagine.

I am sure if you have lifted a weight at some point you have seen Pumping Iron, it was a great movie showing a cult sport in a positive light.  Even then Arnold’s charisma and drive were seen.

I don’t care for people loving to see him fail because of his personal life and the choices he made.  His life is HIS LIFE and I am no one to judge someone else’s life.

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I have heard Arnold speak 5 times at the Arnold Classic on Sunday morning at 9am and I won’t miss it again.  Every year I go to the Anrold Classic no matter how hard I party Saturday night I WILL NOT MISS Arnold speak at 9am Sunday morning.  The man is incredible.

The picture of me with Arnold is from 1999 my first time at The Arnold Classic. I had to line up for 5 hours to get a Polaroid with the man himself and it was well worth every second :).


3. Steve Jobs

My first computer was Windows 95 and I had NO CLUE about computers.   I had so little an understanding of them the first thing I did when I got home was delete ALL the folders on my hardrive.  My first thoughts were “These aren’t my files so I don’t need them”.  The guys at the computer shop (where I sub leased and had my first Heavyweights 200 square foot store), even gave me a floppy drive for every time I messed up my computer to try to fix it.  I guess it was an undo code of sorts.

They had a name for people like me when I came into the shop, UBD (User Brain Dead), little did I know that I loved computers and and just liked figuring out how they work :).

Fast forward years later and I am an APPLE JUNKIE.  Not only a Apple Fanboy, but a PROUD Apple fan boy.  I love my Macook Air, I love my iPad 2, and I LOVE My iPhone.

My life, my business, everything is better with my apple products and I have NO PROBLEM saying that.  What I can do with my iPhone for my business is simply amazing.

Along with my life and his products Steve took Apple from something small to one of the biggest and most profitable companies in the WORLD.  Doing this behind the monster shadow of a Microsoft dominated market could not have been easy.

Thank you Steve Jobs for making amazing products that work and make my life (and millions of others lives) better.


4. Jiddu Krishnamurti

I don’t think many people who read my blog will know who Jiddu Kristanmurti is, but you should.

I discovered his writings by reading Bruce Lee.  If Bruce Lee wrote about someone or something I bought it.  If Bruce Lee mentioned a Philosopher I bought a few books to see if I liked what they had to say.  And thankfully I bought (many) of Jiddu Krishnamurti’s books.

It would be too difficult in a few paragraphs to explain what his philosophy is all about, but he is a big believer that all knowledge is self knowledge and that organized religion is not as great as everyone thinks (I am not even gonna open this debate here lol).

If you like Eastern Philosophy or want to go DEEPER into why we are the way we are and what we can do to CHANGE I suggest you read his writings.

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“A man who is not afraid is not aggressive, a man who has no sense of fear of any kind is really a free, a peaceful man.”           Jiddu Krishnamurti


5. Layne Staley

Alice In Chains music has made my life better.

Every time i want to write I listen to Alice In Chains.

Every time I want to be in a better mood I listen to Alice In Chains.

Layne dying early was a tragedy as he was an amazing musician and artist.

Alice In Chains MTV unplugged has to be my favourite album EVER.

In the summer of 2011 I saw Alice In Chains play in at Rock On The Range in Winnipeg with another one of my Favorite Bands Evanescence, it was an AMAZING event.

Ya I know the”new” Alice In Chains isn’t the same without Layne Staley, but guess what, the band kept going on and made some great music which made peoples lives better.

It was an AMAZING concert and I would go see them again the first chance I get.

Sadly the original Alice In Chains also lost Mike Starr recently.

6. Muhhamad Ali

I am generally not a fan of flash.  I don’t like cockiness, I don’t like trash talk, but I LOVE ALI.

Ali brought personality to boxing, he made a huge sport even bigger.  He was bigger than boxing.

What Ali has done outside of boxing is amazing.  I didn’t know how much  he has done in life to help others until I visited the Muhammad Ali Museum in Louisville Kentucky.

Ali has brought us some of the best boxing matches EVER, along with some of the most articulate “Trash Talk” there ever was.

Ali stayed true to his beliefs, something that a lot of use would not do under the first bit of hardship or pressure.


7. Bill Clinton

I am NOT a fan of politics or politicians period.

However Bill Clinton IS/WAS the President Of The United States, the most powerful man in the world for a period of his life, that is pretty bad ass.

I became a big Clinton fan because of the way he spoke, the way he talked to people, the way he was “present” no matter who or what he was talking about.  He had a way of captivating you, he was polished yet genuine.

I don’t care (once again) about his personal life.  His life is his own.  Kenneth Star can kiss my ass lol.

His world knowledge is incredible and he is a very intelligent, articulate man.

I heard Bill Clinton give a speech here locally in 2010 (I think) and hearing him speak was amazing.  I was hoping to get a picture with him but I didn’t, so that will have to stay on the “Big List” I have, until it happens.

8. Dana White

This may not really fit my list but I LOVE DANA WHITE.

I love what he has done for MMA.  I love that he  (and his team) have taken the best sport in the world (MMA) and made it the most entertaining sport in the world.  I LOVE watching the UFC and I love the way Dana runs the UFC.

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A lot of people may think he is a loud mouth POS, that’s fine.  Everyone can have an opinion, I am sure Dana White doesn’t care.

That is what is great about him, he doesn’t give a sh*t what you think, he is too busy growing MMA, UFC and he is GROWING his business.

I love that he follows HIS RULES and he is HIMSELF.  He is a self made millionaire and lives his life the way he wants.

Keep up the great work Dana.  I may not agree with everything you say and do but that will never ever stop me for respecting all that you and continue to do.

Meeting Dana White At The Arnold Classic


9. George St. Pierre

George St. Pierre or GSP as he is known is the ultimate Martial Artist.  Staying true to things that are getting lost with MMA is Morals, Values, Philosophy and more. GSP is always a gentleman and well spoken.

He is an AMAZING Matial Artist, Athlete and appears to be a great person.

It is on my “Big List” to at least do a MMA or Training seminar with GSP sometime in the near future.



10. The Worlds Most Interesting Man

OK I know this guy is an actor and I know it’s a made up character but this dude is bad ass.

He should symbolize what men SHOULD BE.

We should be experiencing life to the fullest, we should be travelling the world and living experiences that make amazing stories, we should be LIVING LIFE TO THE FULLEST.

We shouldn’t be hating our jobs chained to expensive brand names and cars and materialistic stuff. We should be LIVING our lives not living in debt. We shouldn’t watch TV or waste time, we ONLY LIVE ONCE.

I want to live a life worth remembering and to become someone interesting.

11. Batman (Bruce Wayne)

OK So The World’s Most Interesting Man opened up the doors to make believe people/characters which in turn opened the door for my favourite character Batman.

Imagine being a Billionaire Businessman by day and an ass kicking, dark, self created vigilante by night.  The Dark Knight is pretty damn awesome if you ask me.

I love Batman not because he was born with special gifts or powers, he can’t fly, he can’t use stupid powers, he is a NORMAL mortal man who pushed himself to be more than just a man.

Yes I am a geek and YES I can’t wait for the next Batman this summer!

If you could have a conversation with ANYONE from ANYTIME Who Would It Be?  
Share it below I would love to hear from you. 

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